Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nature Valley Grand Prix - Day One (pics to come)

Jay and I hit the gravel fast last night after work, trying hard to catch the women's crit in St. Paul for Day One of the Nature Valley Grand Prix. The ride there was a little adventurous, but the real thrill was the racing. The whole crew was there....Timmer, Ronnie, Tracy, Dana, Vegas, CX Peter, Super Todd, Krusinator,, they were all there! Even the Dynamic Duo, Rick n Dennis, swam through the crowds that lined the St. Paul streets.

The women rode hard n fast, making for a great race. Teresa Moriarty represented the home team fabulously, finishing 3rd!!!! Great job, Teresa!!!

The men's race was furious. We hung out at the corner of 4Th and somethin'r'nuther so we could see the race around 3 turns, catching a great number of the riders eating pavement right near us. We cheered hard for Doug Swanson as he raced 1/2 blind for almost 58 minutes of the 1 hour crit. None of us could figure out why he rode off the back the entire time, until he told us later how he lost one of his contacts 2 laps in. Looks like you'd better get some rec-specs for Friday Night! The race was won by one of the guys Jay took out for a ride that morning, so I got a great pic of him congratulating him....

Afterward, Jay, Timmer, Ronnie, Tracy, and Dana and I hit Sweeney's for some burgers and beers. The company was great, but a storm threatened our ride home, so Jay and I had to bolt the minute the food arrived. We took the motorcycle to the race last night to save time and $$ parking, but felt the ramifications riding the parkways home in the rain. Luckily the rain wasn't coming down too hard, so we made it home safe and sound.

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