Monday, June 25, 2007

Kettle Moraine

On our way home from Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee, Jay and I stopped off and rode a dozen miles of the Kettle Moraine trails. Of course, I'm still so new, that the first 3 or 4 miles were slow and skiddish. A good mile from the end of the trail, Jay and I were talking food and itchin to get home and shower....and then it happend....the lightbulb turned back on and I remembered what I had already learned.

With the fire lit, Jay and I turned back onto the course and attacked the trail for a second time. The ride was fun and rolling, dodging chipmunks and getting muddy. Not only was it fun and exciting attacking the climbs and rolling the logs, but I got to learn a great number of lessons from my own personal World Champ.

I truly love this part - being so new at something that all the little things blow your mind and excite you beyond belief. Sure, I got burnt, bloody, and blistered this weekend....but I learned to lay a fat skid, rode my mountain bike with no hands, and laughed my ass off. How could anyone pass up a life like this?

Lovin and laughin,

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