Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where'd August Go?

I can't believe the State Fair starts in 2 days - WTF?!

I finally got the super computer back and it's better than ever...trouble is, I can't seem to find the time to upload the darn pictures in my camera. More racin' this weekend, so I know I've got to ASAP. What's been going on otherwise?

Birchwood Road Race was a blast! I rocked out a 2nd place Cat 4 finish (3rd overall to Tessy "the Widower Maker" and the OC was pretty Boss Hog if ya ask me!). Not only was the finish hot, but I got to tear it up for the first time on my new bike. LOVE IT!!!! Dude, if you've never ridden a BMC, do it! (Just make sure you can afford to buy it on the spot though - there'll be no turning back!) He/she doesn't have a name yet, but it'll come in time. As for now, Casper is getting some rest and re-vamping to be my new commuter bike.

A weekend wouldn't be complete without multiple bike races, so Jay and I hit the Velodrome on Sunday for the State TT Championships. We spent 8+ hours there, for 6 minutes each of racing....kind of a drag, but it was great to see my super fast hubby bring home 2 gold medals for his wins!!! I wasn't so lucky, being the only 'non-track-gal' that day. Fortunately, my hard efforts still earned me a second place finish in the Time Trialist of the Year (TTY) competition. It kinda bummed me out to take second, since winning it was my one major goal this year, but I took second to Teresa, and there's no shame in that!

This past weekend was the Albany road race - wicked fast and a super hill to stretch the field out on! My BMC was ready to fly as I joined the diner's club for the very first time....yep, that's right....Kwood's gotta dinner-plate-sized chain ring on the front finally. Compact crank gone, 53 teeth hungry for speed coming through. I was nervous at first, but grew more and more confident as we tackled the rollers and hills. The speed was the highest average MPH our category has done all season and it was awesome! Up the climb for the final time, I worked my way through the crowd til Heather G., Heidi D., and I made a gap on the field before the feed zone. With ROY points already settled for the season, I was happy to roll in after them for third. A great race and a great podium finish to close out the road season.
Speaking of seasons, it was an awesome feat met that I had never planned on - winning the Cat 4 women's Rider of the Year! I came out and threw down for every race and it truly paid off. Whodathunk that was ever gonna be me? I'm still fllying high with that one!

Other than that, Jay got me out to Murphy for my first time ever. Me and the Tomac took it easy on the first lap as I tried to get my bearings and remember how to maneuver w/ a mtn bike. At the end of the first lap, Jay and Timmer returned to the car for water and to get in some extra miles while I started on my second lap (they had to wait up for me a lot on the first lap).

This time, though, I was ready. The Tomac & I FLEW through the trails like I've never done before. Big ringin' it up and down the trail was awesome as I listened to my breathing get faster and felt the blood pumping ferociously through my body. Even in the dozen or so mtn bike races I've done, I've never felt so fast, so intense, so alive. Fishtailing around corners only amplified the excitement, increasing the blood flow and force in my weightless legs. The trees were nothing but a lush green blur on the edges of my peripheral vision. The sound of snapping branches and other riders in the distance was like velvet in my ears....soothing, soft, and inviting. Breathless, I brought my bike to a screeching halt at the end of the trail, and waited.

The boys were set out to catch me before my lap had ended, but never did succeed. So I continued to wait..... 15 minutes later they finally came by, Jay excited that I kept him off so long. I felt so exuberant, I couldn't stop from smiling. We drilled it all the way to the car, and I have never had so much fun. The sound of Jay's joy mixed with the wind on my face made me go faster and faster until we returned to the parking lot. How could I have forgotten how much fun mountain biking is?? How did I go all year w/ only one Mtn bike race? Someone needs to do something about that ASAP!

Until then, party on, ride hard, and have fun!
Kristy Kreme

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gettin' a little twitchy

It's been a week & a half w/o the computer at home and its really starting to show it's wear on me. So much has happened and I've no way to blog about it. DUDE!!! So, luckily my hubby doesn't mind me using the computer at his shop. Whoohoo.

Mini summary in the last, what, 2 weeks? B1tc# please! Did my first mountain bike race of the year last weekend at Buck Hill. Not only that, but the first one on a geared mountain bike EVER plus first time in the Sport Class! The single speeder in me took the reigns and I kept it in my big chain ring for the entire race, even w/ a massive hangover and no food in my system from the preceding 24 hours (rough nite). I wasn't much for racing - still haven't figured that one out - but I trudged through it and still managed a 10th place finish in the women's category!


Jay and I replaced the floors in our living room, kitchen and bathroom and they look so freakin awesome! Once i get my computer back, that'll be the first pics I post! Busted my elbow open, though, while pulling some base boards out in the bathroom.... didn't even catch it on anything sharp, the board just gave way and with the speed my elbow was traveling (20+ mph), it burst open on impact with the side of the toilet like a boxer's eye! Instantly I was a soaking wet puddle as I saw the blood and tried desparately not to pass out. It must've been half an hour before I would let Jay touch it to clean it off as I fought off the darkness and the sickness that came along with it.

Good news was that I didn't break it - just messed up the tendons and nerves a bit. And turns out Jay's pretty awesome w/ a butterfly tape job - kept me from getting stitches! Thanks babe!

Ahh, what else? Capitol Crit was good - third place finish was nice, with my teammate in 2nd! Nice work OC!

Oh, yeah - DUDE! State TT Championships were hard, painful, and miserable! I rode off the darn road TWICE due to the massive wind. And before that, I wore a hole through all but the final layer of my tubulars when I slid out, almost missing one of the first turns. Still managed to pull it in for a 2nd place Cat 4 finish, and 7 minutes faster than my goal! Lucky for me, the gal who won the 4's was from Wisconsin, making yours truly the new Cat 4 Women's State TT Champ!!!! B1tc# Please! I'm so absolutely floored!

Other than that, life's been a crazy whirlwind of activity! Maybe not having the computer has been good - giving me more time to go out and play in the real world! But you better believe there'll be a bunch of pics once it's back in action. My poor camera is burstin at the bolts.

Partyin' on,

Kristy Kreme