Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

Friday we spent the day in Iowa City with Dorothy, remembering the life of Bob Henderson.  I can’t believe it’s been two years already...  the pain of losing him still weighs deeply on my heart, and I can still close my eyes and hear him sing Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue” to me on the last night we spent together as I held his hand in the middle of the night as everyone slept.  It was one of those moments that only I will remember, and will absolutely never forget.  It’s hard to know that such a kind heart no longer walks the face of this earth, but I feel so blessed to have walked along side it.

To start things off, we took Dot to the Village Inn for breakfast, before running errands and picking up flowers on the way to the cemetery.  Dorothy picked out two beautiful red roses to symbolize two years, two sons, two daughter-in-laws, and I’m guessing, too few years together.  

It was the most perfect summer day.  The sun was beaming, but the temps were comfortable, and a gentle breeze kept the heat from our skin.  We had a moment of silence at the cemetery, each remembering our piece of Bob in our own way, taking in the magnitude of the day, swallowing each piece as best we could.

Afterwards, we returned to her home for some time with friends, and Jay and I took time out for  a ride.  Jay took me down to the reservoir some 10 miles away...  last time we’d done that was in Bob’s Corvair on a hot summer night when we were still dating.  We took some time off the bike for a swim, first time in our 6 years together.  

With all of the emotions floating in the air today, it’s easy to see how our time swimming together felt so special.  It was like we were first dating all over again...  I floated along in his arms as he playfully pulled me along in the water, arms wrapped tightly around his neck as the water got deeper and deeper.  It may have been only a half hour or so, but time stood still as we waded and swam in the small lake .... taking in the summer sun and my odd realization that a ‘different’ life is not a bad life at all.

The remainder of the ride reminded me of how much I’ve missed the road this season, with my legs challenged half way home.  Oh well, I would give it all up a hundred times over as long as it meant I got to have another day like today.  

Once home, rested, and showered, we gathered up Dorothy for a lovely dinner and movie night out, just the three of us.  It was a lovely evening, and the perfect finale to the week.  As I listened to Jay softly snore away in the Scamp and Rosco twitched as he dreamed at our feet, I was pleasantly reminded of the greatest choices I’ve made in life.  Surrounded by two heart beats that make my life the most splendid life to live, I can’t deny that I pinch myself often.  Life isn’t about money and titles and expense accounts...  life is about the moments you enjoy, taking deep breaths, looking up at the stars, listening to your family and friends laugh, and loving all that you have in life.

It’s short.. make the most of it.

Kristy Kreme