Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready for the next chapter in life

For the last 10 years, I've given it a go as a corporate employee, but am excited to say that I am on the final countdown to a new type of work life.  With only one week to go at my current job, I'm happy to say I've decided to follow my heart and accept the responsibilities of being part-owner and Shop Manager of Hollywood Cycles!

Yep, you know it!  Rather than living in Cube World, punching the clock to pay the bills, I've decided to pursuit a different path in life by joining Jay at the shop.  Rather than punching the clock for nameless faces, I'm excited to be working for something that's ours... helping make Jay's dream live on and succeed!

Current dress code:  Business Casual
New dress code:  Whatever I damn well please!  Did someone say Kat von D?!  That girl knows what she's doing... there is nothing I like to wear more than a bikini top and a tank!  Bitch please!

Current office laws:  No pets allowed
New office laws:  No going to work without Rosco!!!  Whoohooo!

Current Food & Beverage Rules:  No drinking at work or lunch
New Food & Beverage Rules:  Have 2 beers as you wait for takeout at Matt's Bar and sound the alarm if the shop fridge is low on beers or Mountain Dews

Current HR Rules:  No consorting with management
New HR Rules:   Romantic encounters make work life better!

Not to say that I didn't enjoy what I've been doing for the last three years - I learned a TON, and I'm positive that the skills I learned have given me the confidence to make this change - but I feel it in my heart and soul that this is the path for me.  That the world has realigned the planets so I could be something bigger than a spreadsheet or service call.  I will now be able to make an impact in the world that I live every day and the people I love to be with.

Come down and see me starting July 23rd!  I'm sure my first week will be spent cleaning up after my cleanliness-allergic hubby, but I don't think you'll find a bigger smile on anyone's face!  Thanks to my super hubby, Jay, for supporting (and encouraging) this life changing decision!

Now I just have to figure out my new title.  Shop Manager?  Or, my favorite suggestion from my friend Leslie... the CHIC.... Chief Hellian In Charge!  Bitch please!

Pinching myself,
Kristy Kreme

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Glory Days

As a kid, I remember listening to the likes of Paul Simon, Three Dog Night, and the Boss, Bruce Springstein.  Still to this day, I love the song "Glory Days", but find total content in disagreeing with the song's image of high school years being the "Glory Days" to reminisce back on in adulthood.

Not me... I'm living my glory days.  HS was just a chapter of my book-smarts years... but each year since I've chosen to run my life the way I want have been the glory days, taking me on more adventures than I had in the first 26 years of life.  HS did not define my life or the years that I'd reflect upon.  Heck, I rarely look back - what good does it do?    It's the present, these days and months, and years I love and live to the fullest.  Now is the time to create stories to tell, and I'm not afraid of running with it.  All I need is my family, my friends, my bff & hubby Jay, the puppy and the scamp... mix in the great outdoors, some bevies , music, and maybe some bikes, and you've got all the mixin's for a Bitchin' Life cocktail.

And what better way to do it this summer than an awesome, relaxing weekend of camping and riding to celebrate yet another year of being alive!  Jay and I took Rosco & the Scamp out to Black River Falls, WI for three days of campin' in style at a beautiful KOA.   It was the most wonderful time away.. relaxing in the sun with the puppy, bonfires, sleeping with the windows open, and of course, riding! It was my first time back on the bike after 3 weeks due to throwing out my back out riding Leb at the beginning of June (hence not a lot of 'adventures' to write about lately).

Jay dialed up the camping fun by building Rosco a white-picket-pen so he could run around without his leash.  He loves laying in the sun, but also likes to run into the camper and nap if he gets too warm.  Now he's got the freedom of roaming around as we lounge around.

 Then, we met up with Pip & Devon for my first experience at Levis Mound mtn. bike trails.  The trails were beautiful and extremely breath taking on the Sidewinder Trail as we rode inches from the cliff edges... seriously breath-taking.... my fear of heights wasn't helping, so I walked a lot!
 Me and Pip... check out my new 'birthday suit'!  Another wonderful gift from my hubby.  Love you, Monkey!

 The trails were fun, but got the best of me as my back started to get sore from the rocks and body English needed to navigate some sections.  I relaxed all evening and things improved.  We took Rosco for a walk around the campground, watched the sunset, and enjoyed awesome food by the bonfire.

The next morning, Jay took me for a nice road ride on some extremely quiet and remote country roads. The first 5 miles were a challenge, my back not wanting to relax enough for me to bend much or get my speed up.  Luckily, Jay's super patient and never complained.  Once we got warmed up, my back loosened and we were clipping along at a good 20mph, enjoying the sun and the view together.  It was awesome!  I totally want to go back and ride it again.  Double Bonus, my back felt great for the rest of the day!

Jay still had the bug for Levis, so we went back later that day so he could get a ride in.  Rosco and I walked the ski trails while he rode and got an awesome video of the Sidewinder Trail... check out those drop-offs!

It was so hard to leave Monday morning and you could tell by how slowly we packed it all back up.  I love camping with my boys.  Can't wait to go again.

Living my glory days,
Kristy Kreme