Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready for the next chapter in life

For the last 10 years, I've given it a go as a corporate employee, but am excited to say that I am on the final countdown to a new type of work life.  With only one week to go at my current job, I'm happy to say I've decided to follow my heart and accept the responsibilities of being part-owner and Shop Manager of Hollywood Cycles!

Yep, you know it!  Rather than living in Cube World, punching the clock to pay the bills, I've decided to pursuit a different path in life by joining Jay at the shop.  Rather than punching the clock for nameless faces, I'm excited to be working for something that's ours... helping make Jay's dream live on and succeed!

Current dress code:  Business Casual
New dress code:  Whatever I damn well please!  Did someone say Kat von D?!  That girl knows what she's doing... there is nothing I like to wear more than a bikini top and a tank!  Bitch please!

Current office laws:  No pets allowed
New office laws:  No going to work without Rosco!!!  Whoohooo!

Current Food & Beverage Rules:  No drinking at work or lunch
New Food & Beverage Rules:  Have 2 beers as you wait for takeout at Matt's Bar and sound the alarm if the shop fridge is low on beers or Mountain Dews

Current HR Rules:  No consorting with management
New HR Rules:   Romantic encounters make work life better!

Not to say that I didn't enjoy what I've been doing for the last three years - I learned a TON, and I'm positive that the skills I learned have given me the confidence to make this change - but I feel it in my heart and soul that this is the path for me.  That the world has realigned the planets so I could be something bigger than a spreadsheet or service call.  I will now be able to make an impact in the world that I live every day and the people I love to be with.

Come down and see me starting July 23rd!  I'm sure my first week will be spent cleaning up after my cleanliness-allergic hubby, but I don't think you'll find a bigger smile on anyone's face!  Thanks to my super hubby, Jay, for supporting (and encouraging) this life changing decision!

Now I just have to figure out my new title.  Shop Manager?  Or, my favorite suggestion from my friend Leslie... the CHIC.... Chief Hellian In Charge!  Bitch please!

Pinching myself,
Kristy Kreme


Steve Porvaznik said...
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Steve Porvaznik said...

I'm still the Mayor ok.....P.on.