Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet the parents.....

Jay's parents spent this past weekend visiting us from Iowa. We took them to see all the wedding sites and tried out numerous restaurants in the area, trying to find the perfect rehearsal dinner site. Some places we ate at, others we just gathered info (no need to eat myself into an oblivion just weeks before my dress fitting). Last night, we finished off the taste tests with a group dinner at Oak City in Brooklyn Center, just across the freeway from our reception location.

The best part, was that all of my parents came out to join in the fun and meet Jay's parents for the very first time!!! The mood was high and celebratory as we gathered comfortably at the beautifully black/brown stained tables. Of course, considering the company, it was a barrel of laughs to say the least....
Jay & the Captn Crunch Chicken Fingers

We all tried to order a variety of foods in an effort to get a better feel on the menu. We were already sold on the staff and the all came down to the food. There was no disappointment as we took our first bites, all elated and glistening with happiness and new friendships. Everyone shared their food with each other, tasting and critiquing each meal.

To top of the great food and decor, everyone got along amazingly!!! I never could have imagined this night would have gone so well.

Lovin' life,
Kristy Kreme

Breaking Dawn Release Party

This weekend was a great respite from racing, kicking off with the Breaking Dawn Release Party at Borders w/ 6 of my girlfriends. Breaking Dawn, the 4th and final in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has been whetting my appetite since March, when I feverishly tore through the first three books twice each in just a matter of weeks. The intoxicating story of unlikely lovers, a mortal and a vampire, as they face challenges with their enemies, decisions, and their own temptations has been like a breath of life and excitement this year. What better way to celebrate, then spending the entire night at my favorite bookstore w/ my friends, anxiously waiting for the midnight release.

After a few cocktails, my friends and I strode over to join the 100+ other girls (yes, most of them were approximately half our age) to join in the rounds of trivia, debates, and costume/home-made t-shirt contests. Of course, the little craft bug in me went nuts, feeding Jay and I with ideas we spent all week creating and screen printing. For myself, I had a fabulous 'got penguin?' shirt, and I made a 'got grizzly?' one for Leslie......
Even in the design of the penguin, I see how I can't live without my own personal 'Edward' either. [read the books, you'll understand] The best part, was that I won the T-shirt contest hands down!!!! It was so much fun! But it was just a blast being able to spend that time with the girls and be silly kids in line for a vampire book....

Me & Michelle

Les & I in our rockin' shirts.

Since Jay's parents were in town all weekend, I was sure I wouldn't even get to crack the 760 page novel....but with him sleeping in two hours longer than me Saturday morning, and his purchase of the new Guitar Hero - Aeorsmith version, bought me enough time from 8:00AM Saturday til 6:00PM tonight to finish off my favorite author's debut series....Slowly devouring each word on the page, I was hesitant to near the end of the book, trying to prolong my time with my favorite characters as long as I could. Not to give anything away.....if you're into the Twilight series or ever thought of it, make sure you get this book. It was fabulous to see some things I anticipated come to fruition, and to see turns I never could have imagined. Thanks Stephenie Meyer, for taking my love of reading to a whole new level! And thanks, of course, to Jay for being my own personal vampire soul mate. ;O)

Read on,
Kristy Kreme