Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet the parents.....

Jay's parents spent this past weekend visiting us from Iowa. We took them to see all the wedding sites and tried out numerous restaurants in the area, trying to find the perfect rehearsal dinner site. Some places we ate at, others we just gathered info (no need to eat myself into an oblivion just weeks before my dress fitting). Last night, we finished off the taste tests with a group dinner at Oak City in Brooklyn Center, just across the freeway from our reception location.

The best part, was that all of my parents came out to join in the fun and meet Jay's parents for the very first time!!! The mood was high and celebratory as we gathered comfortably at the beautifully black/brown stained tables. Of course, considering the company, it was a barrel of laughs to say the least....
Jay & the Captn Crunch Chicken Fingers

We all tried to order a variety of foods in an effort to get a better feel on the menu. We were already sold on the staff and the all came down to the food. There was no disappointment as we took our first bites, all elated and glistening with happiness and new friendships. Everyone shared their food with each other, tasting and critiquing each meal.

To top of the great food and decor, everyone got along amazingly!!! I never could have imagined this night would have gone so well.

Lovin' life,
Kristy Kreme


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you finished the book already!!!I picked it up before we left for Cali and I've just barely started.What sucks, is I was reading USA Today this a.m. and they gave the whole story away!!:( See you on Wed.
Carla C