Friday, November 8, 2013

From "Audit" to "Awesome"

Wednesday marked the first audit we've ever had for the bike shop which meant three weeks of shitty sleep, worry lines, and trying to piece everything together for a nine-hour day of high blood pressure and anxiety.  Lucky for us, we got a very nice auditor who helped show us the proper way to do things as he identified our mistakes, but it didn't do much to lessen the stress of the whole day.

Since my hubby is not so tech savvy, I was the primary contact for the auditor, only leaving to get a breath of fresh air or cup of coffee and quickly return with answers and explanations for the last 3 years. By 5:00pm, I was utterly drained and exhausted, but happy to hear that the hard part was over.  We'd done all we could do and now all we do is wait for the verdict.  

To say thanks for all I did, Jay took me out for dinner and drinks at Burger Jones before some surprise outing he had up his sleeve.  The food was delicious as always and company exactly what I needed at the end of the day, but I was digging as deep as I could to find energy and enthusiasm for the mystery fun that lay in wait for us.

We got back in the car and took the backroads into downtown, killing a little time since my sluggishness was selfishly rushing through things.  It wasn't til we pulled onto First Ave did I figure out that we were going to see a band, but I couldn't figure out who it could be.  I'd been scouring through the City Pages trying to find a good show lately, just for a much-needed, cathartic release, lost in a bass line somewhere...

After finding a great parking spot, we walking as the fall air bit at our cheeks.  To my surprise, one look at the poster at the door outside The Entry instantly brought a smile to my face and began recharging me... Eddie Spaghetti solo show!!!!  "One quarter of the world's greatest rock band" was in town to rock our asses for a night, and Jay found it!

We got inside as one of the opening bands was starting, grabbed a couple tall boys and settled in to listen. Although the sound was great, it was a little on the mellow side for what I needed, but it was still fun.  The bassist on an upright electric bass finally came to life in the last couple songs and we got more into it.  Timmer & Stevi surprised me when they showed up to join us and we headed next door to sit down and enjoy drinks before Eddie came on.

Once the stage cleared and Eddie began setting up, we headed back and Hwood and I headed right up front for the action.  Eddie was fun as always, mixing in some new tunes and allowing us to call out our requests.  Every song got my blood flowing faster as we sang along to all our favorites.  It was super awesome when Eddie took one of my requests and the whole crowd joined in to sing :)

It was the perfect end to a crazy stressful day and another awesome reminder that my hubby is the best one out there!  Yeah, a little biased, but it's comforting to know he was there through the good and the bad and we still went home hand in hand.  He definitely turned the day from audit to AWESOME!!!

Rocked into Recovery, 
Kristy Kreme