Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surly Jones Public Debut

Saturday night was another typical night for us - bikes, frequent wardrobe changes, multiple parties, and rock n' roll. We got up and skipped the morning bike ride after filling our bellies to the brim w/ Wheels. After a nice nap, we rolled off the couch to prep for the evening's 9:30 start.

Hitting up One On One first, Hwood and I crashed the Stuporbowl Pre-Party for some good times. Everyone was there and there were some some killer new prints on the wall. Surprise to us, we had a tasty wedding gift waiting for us in the back office. Don't ask me how, but a belated wedding gift of 12 yr. old whisky survived being around the boozers in the back alley! Thanks, Bill!!! Tasty! Unfortunately, word started to get around that it was there, and all the randoms were coming 'round for a taste. I finally had to learn how to say no and stash it away until we departed. Luckily, we made it out of there safe and sound w/ our sweet gift.

After an hour of fun, we kidnapped Wheels and headed NORT to Pickle Park (I can't stand that name!) to catch the debut show of Surly Jones!! We were shocked to find them already on stage at 11:15, but weren't disappointed. They rocked our socks off til 2:00, none the less. It was a rad show and they were on fire. If you haven't seen 'em, get on it. You can't go wrong w/ these stationwagon rock dynamos.

Randy kicked out a killer solo, and made sure to take a sec to kiss this adoring fan's forehead in the midst of it all....

The show was rad and everyone had a great time! Can't wait for the next extravaganza!
Rockin' in the New Year,

Kristy Kreme

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ringin' in the New Year in Cable

No, I wasn't sitting around watchin' late night TV....we were kickin' it resort-style at Lakewoods in Cable, WI. Jay, Randy, Teri, Kaitee, Al, and I headed up NorT for 3 days and 2 nights of woods, snow, and sleep at one of our fav resorts.

We arrived at our destination around dinner time, all quick to unpack and unwind. Jay and I made our signature burritos for dinner before we sauntered off to the main lodge to hit the bar for some barley sodas, Buck Hunter, and noisemakers. Not only did we find funky hats and cocktails, but we were surprised w/ a 2 person band fully backed up w/ a drum machine, and all the snowmobilin' WI'ers you could want. Sure, we stood out pretty well as obvious city folk...what, with our stylishly unmatched pieces, rock n roll belts, tattoos, and hair extensions.
But hey, at least we left the "orange sports bra over black turtleneck" and Garfield sweatshirts back in the room....heck, we could've been mistaken as locals. Don't get me wrong - I'm not dissing a thing - that's the exact reason I love going to places like this...the people watching and interacting is AWESOME! And how crazy was it when the bartender asked if we were from MN just cuz we said our Please and Thank You's!?!
After the standard countdown and toasting, we wrapped up the night with a round of Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit, keeping us up til 4:00AM.... it made New Year's Day that much lazier...
I was the first out of bed at 11:00 and the rest were slow to join me for coffee and holiday screwdrivers. Without even realizing it, 4 hours went by as we sat around the kitchen table slowly waking up and talking up a storm. Once we came to our senses, we bundled up and took on the elements, trudging through the foot-deep snow in a hike into the woods simply following deer tracks.We followed the tracks til we reached the ice of Lake Namekogin and followed them back just in time for dinner. We kept it a little more low-key that night, all still coming back down from a long New Year's celebration, curling up w/ a movie & pj's earlier than I would've imagined, but was so happy to do.

With a little bit of energy left, Jay and I headed over to Telemark on the way out of town Friday afternoon to get a lil ski in on the Birkie Trail. It was my first time on the trail and I was definitely impressed. On top of it being absolutely beautiful, we nailed it big time as the groomers lead the way around the trail, making it so Jay and I could lay down fresh tracks around every bend of our ski.

On top of that, I got to bust out my new bicycle GPS that I got for Christmas (since I've been off the bike recovering for the last month, this was my first real chance to break it out). It was so much fun!!!I still can't believe it's 2009....yowza. All the laziness of December has come to an end. Back to the bump and grind and training for the start of the cycling season.

Amped for O-Nine,
Kristy Kreme

Merry name it...

Christmas was another rockin good time w/ me, Jay, and our families. Sure, we didn't get to see everyone we wanted (John & Abby), but we had a wonderful time with our parents and siblings, celebrating yet another great year in our lives.

To kick it all off, we had my mom, step dad, and lil sis & bro over on Christmas Eve. It was the first holiday we've hosted at our home, and it was perfect. Jay made an awesome quiche that everyone gobbled up to help keep their heads on straight after a couple Christmas mimosas. Aside from all the fun, stories, and thoughtful gifts, the highlight was definitely playing Guitar Hero w/ the whole fam.
Mom blew us all away, takin' over bass guitar, and even singin some Nuge "Stranglehold"!! It was awesome!!!

We spent Christmas Day at my Dad's w/ that side of the family. Jay and I destroyed at Pictionary aside from even our own predictions. Going up against 2 sets of siblings, we thought blood would be thicker than wedding license....PSYCH! Guess we're soul mates or sumpin' cuz we knew exactly what the other was trying to draw almost every time, winning by almost half the board spaces. After a short night's rest, we headed south to Iowa to spend a few days kickin it w/ Jay's parents. It was so nice getting to spend time with them for Christmas, hanging out and helping set up a movie/TV room for Jay's dad, Bob. Jay and I ran errands for them over the weekend and found the newest addition to our family....Double Psych! C'mon - we're newlyweds. No need to rush off and start havin' puppies any day soon. But, once we do...he'll look just like this. Anyways, after a long but wonderful 5 days of Christmas w/ our family, Jay and I gratefully returned home for two days of rest before we hit the ground running for another great New Year's celebration.

Spoiled by Santa,
Kristy Kreme


Yep, it's been a whole month of laziness and not bloggin' and I don't regret a single minute of it. For the entire month of December, I slept in late, ate fried foods, had an extra glass of wine or two with dinner, and did my best not to break a sweat all in effort to get some R&R after an 11 month cycling bender....just before I begin the next. Mission...ACCOMPLISHED.

So what did I do with my time? Well... I got some ink done....

That one hurt more than I thought it was gonna, but it was worth it...And FYI, for a great tat, go to Charlie Charm at Twilight Tattoo in Mpls!! Support your local bike shop - permanently advertise for them on your skin. Ha! Heck, I owe my fave bike shop not only for some killer bikes, but a pretty rad husband too. Love ya Hollywood Cycles!!

All healed up and ready to rock!
Kristy Kreme