Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surly Jones Public Debut

Saturday night was another typical night for us - bikes, frequent wardrobe changes, multiple parties, and rock n' roll. We got up and skipped the morning bike ride after filling our bellies to the brim w/ Wheels. After a nice nap, we rolled off the couch to prep for the evening's 9:30 start.

Hitting up One On One first, Hwood and I crashed the Stuporbowl Pre-Party for some good times. Everyone was there and there were some some killer new prints on the wall. Surprise to us, we had a tasty wedding gift waiting for us in the back office. Don't ask me how, but a belated wedding gift of 12 yr. old whisky survived being around the boozers in the back alley! Thanks, Bill!!! Tasty! Unfortunately, word started to get around that it was there, and all the randoms were coming 'round for a taste. I finally had to learn how to say no and stash it away until we departed. Luckily, we made it out of there safe and sound w/ our sweet gift.

After an hour of fun, we kidnapped Wheels and headed NORT to Pickle Park (I can't stand that name!) to catch the debut show of Surly Jones!! We were shocked to find them already on stage at 11:15, but weren't disappointed. They rocked our socks off til 2:00, none the less. It was a rad show and they were on fire. If you haven't seen 'em, get on it. You can't go wrong w/ these stationwagon rock dynamos.

Randy kicked out a killer solo, and made sure to take a sec to kiss this adoring fan's forehead in the midst of it all....

The show was rad and everyone had a great time! Can't wait for the next extravaganza!
Rockin' in the New Year,

Kristy Kreme

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mr. jones said...

dude! nice video! i didn't even know you were filming when that happened. i thought you were just takin' stills.


a party just isn't a party unless you hollywoods are there.