Monday, November 5, 2007

Grumpy's CX

Sunday was so beautiful when Jay and I got up for yet another cyclocross race. The temps weren't much warmer than Saturday, but the sun was full of heat and energy. The leg warmers and base layers that got me through Saturday never made it out of the bag....and yet I still managed to find a reason to unzip the skin suit. I don't know what it is - I'm usually a complete freeze baby - until I mount that bike.

My lil bro Zach made it out for another race, even though he was coming down with a slight cold. Hopefully he's getting some rest now since State is coming up! The Grumpy's CX course was a riot! Tons of turns, barriers, and hillsides to make it interesting, muddy, and silly fun. I'm still a big kid - giggling the entire time as mud flies up in my face. What can I say? I love this sport!

The day I'm out there without this look on my face, I insist someone take my bike away!
Thanks for cheering, Jimmer!

So, working on the Crit idea again today, I lined up at the front row for the start of the race and sprinted with everything I had when they yelled Go! I got in and out of the Velodrome in 1st (a personal best for me), and set a great pace for myself for the race. June was right on me and quickly passed me up - she's so rad! I'm happy to even finish when I'm racing against her. Not only is she good, but she's such a sweet gal! (Way to go, June!). I rode as fast as I could for the entire race and loved every minute of it. I even mastered my goal of only 2 drinks, too! (I might just get the hang of it yet.)

The course was surprisingly muddy and soft even though it hadn't rained in over a week, which made for some silly, or should I say sloppy, good fun! I love ya bro, but I still had to include this one..... (don't worry Ma, he's fine! It was squishy)

photo from

Jay, unfortunately, had re-injured his leg and had to drop out in the first lap of his single speed race. The man can be pretty intense during a race, but this look was obviously pain....
photo from Mrs. (thanks for Cheering!)

Jay hit the sidelines and cheered hard, keeping me going lap after lap. He's such a super fiancee!
The mud was so much fun, and I loved all the barriers!

photo thanks to Skinnyski, the greatest sports photographers around!

Wow, I felt great and think I rode pretty awesome too, battling it out for the last couple laps with Lotsa-Speed Lori and having fun while doing it. She capitalized when I slowed up the last time through the muddy ditch pulling out in front for the final time. I, however, saw Bruce just feet in front of me, and made it my goal to eek past him with my last bit of effort. I saw his bike slow behind another rider as he was working out of the ditch. I took the high line up left on the hill, diving straight in and back out of the ditch as fast as I could, giving me the advantage coming into the home stretch. Jay was on the sidelines screaming as I sprinted with everything I had left, coming in right behind Lori, and just before Bruce. Man, it felt great!

Silver Cyclists did great overall! Margot Herman looked AMAZING on her Javelin, finishing 3rd in the elite Women's race to Linda Cooper in 2nd, and Linda Sone in 1st. Aric Hareland rocked a super-fast 2nd place in the A-1s! I just hope I can make it look so effortless some day.

Aric Hareland, photo from Skinnyski

More A Results:
Jimmer - 7th A3
Matt Muyers - 12th A3
Andy Kruse - 9th A1
Marc Wiken 10th A2

More B Results:
Matt Stein - 13th B1


More C Results:
Kaveh Rahimi - 5th Single Speed
Zach Attack Gast - 32nd C1
All the Way Ray - 40th C1
Jordan - 1st C4
Dana Bidenbaum - 10th C2
June Sayers - 2nd C2
Barb Harrik - 8th C2
Manda Lo- 6th C2
Lynn Biorsky - 13th C2

Thanks to everyone for Cheering! I love it! Thanks to Grumpy's and the Crew for putting on a fun race. And a special thanks to the officials for somehow keeping track of us all!

Cross'n and lovin' it!
Kristy Kreme


S1 said...

I can just come to ur site and get all of the results cool! As always, you're looking good on the jav. State is going to be great, can't wait. C U this weekend. I'll be out there cheering for ya.

(dis)pencer said...


glad you had a good time!
sorry to hear about jay's leg...

we'll see you all at states!

SickBoy said...

Nice photo here. but it's from orono.

more at

StevenCX said...

The day I'm out there without this look on my face, I insist someone take my bike away!
That's the attitude! I noticed Zach riding smart through the ditch: instead of biffing it like a lot of the other Cs he was running it and doing it faster than the stubborn way. Jay's support for everyone, Silver or not, was great, and the wheel change for Aric was pro - Aric vs. Adam was an exciting race to watch!

H-WooD said...

Party On boyz and gals!
States is going ta be out a' control.
Don't get old it hurts, H-WooD

June said...

I think you're rad, too! the pic of your brother is hilarious! my teammate took a pic. of me and your brother after some barriers at spirit mtn cx; fyi. it's on the 2nd page of our Pictures section @

June said...
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Lunatic Biker said...

God I love that Chargers jersey. Bjorn Selander called during the race to chat.

manda said...

omg. those results are SO wrrong. but I never check 'em at racing where I'm just shocked I didnt' DNF... oops.

Kristy Kreme said...

Manda, sorry if I got the results wrong - I just put out what they had on MCF. Sorry to anyone that I put as the wrong place. :(

June & Sickboy - thanks for sharing the pics!

Steven - Right on! That was such a great race to cheer for. Good luck this weekend!

Dis - Thanks for the concern - we'll see how things go this weekend, and hopefully he'll be 100% by State.

Lynne said...

Kristy-that IS what they had on MCF, so no biggie. It's like they say; if you're in 99th place, it's silly to dispute.

WE know how we did, right Manda? You kick my butt, I kick yours (after you've been drinking) and then you kick mine again....until next year, that is ;-)