Monday, November 19, 2007

Milaca CX Race

Sure, this is more than a week late, but the theme of this blog has always, and will continue to be, nothing but fun, adventures and happiness. Last week was one I surely would like to forget...between the most stress I have even gone through in 3 years at my work, pressures to get our reception planned, racing, a major decline in my back injury recovery, and a migraine that wouldn't go away, I couldn't find the joy to write a happy blog.

I did, however, absolutely love the Milaca CX race, and I don't want that to go unappreciated! Thanks to everyone who put it on - I had so much fun!
I felt great on my bike and loved the course (I love barriers!). The bridge kinda freaked me out for the first couple laps, but I got over once the Tiger's eye was doing the sight-seeing. I did a pretty good job keeping an eye on Marilyn Laliberte for the whole race, dropping off her trail on the long double track, but reeling her in on the single track and closing fast at the barriers.

Coming to the finish, she had a good 20 yards on me, but I charged with every last bit of energy. It was my first CX sprint finish of the year, and I loved every millisecond of it! I didn't end up catching her, but I closed those 20yds down to a mere bike length. Man, it felt great!

I finished proudly in 6th! My kid bro had another great race, too. It's hard to believe he's so new to the sport. Unfortunately, my camera broke at Homey Fest this year, so I've been able to take little to no pictures for myself. I did enjoy cheering my brains out as Jay rocked and rolled on the course - finishing great and having a wonderful time.

HardDog was the super-man of the day, though. Flatting in the 1st or 2nd lap while in the top 3, then changing out his wheel, then chasing on like a rabid dog to go from 6th to 2nd! Way to go, Aric, you da man! ;O)

Thanks again for the great time, everyone!
Kristy Kreme


StevenCX said...

Sorry to hear about your back :(

Kristy Kreme said...

Thanks. No worries, though.... I'll be back in shape once I actually rest. I was doing great until I let my stress load took over - then it just tightened everything back up.

Part of an active life. Anyways, that's not going to keep me off the bike until Jingle Cross anyway. :)

Have a great Thanxgiving!