Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring in Full Swing

I can't believe it's been more than 3 weeks since the last time I've logged on! I feel like I've barely had time to veg...but at least it's been filled with fun.

Okay, so it started with a weekend bout with the flu, and a couple short weeks that made for some long days at work, but I did happened to finish my very first Tour de Timmer. 60 miles of turning over some hard gears and barreling up an amazing amount of hills, but I did every mile of it. Hopefully that kind of riding can set me up for a whole new level of riding this year.

On top of that, we got to experience some of the best parts of wedding planning.... food tasting with the caterer...Can someone say Bacon Wrapped Shrimp? I don't really care for seafood, but my sweet fiance was sure to have a 1/2 dozen. Then, we headed out to Buttercream to pick out our wedding cake. We got to sample 6 different flavors of delicious cakes, finally going off the menu to pick a wicked chocolate devil's food cake with raspberries and fudge frosting layers. Yowza! I can't wait for that part!Then, what better way to start this past weekend, than to watch my beloved gettin' a little ink done? While Jay and I were in Belgium last year, I bet him that if he finished the Amateur Flanders, he could get the Lion of Flanders tattoo. But, if he quit, he had to get Hello Kitty. Luckily for him, he toughed out the 256k bike race and got the Lion tattoo.....
Three hours later, both Jay and Charlie Charm rejoiced that it was finally done! Nice work, Charlie!On Saturday, we were East Bound and Down, kicking of the racing season with the Durand Road Race. Jay stayed off the bike and in the car, riding behind and coaching me every step of the way. I pushed hard to get away with the fast ladies right away, but found out pretty soon that I've still a long way to go, as they rode away from my group as we tried to hang on. It went better than i could've imagined and in no time at all. Either way, it was the first race of the year, and I've still got a long way to go. The fun of Jay coaching rather than racing, though, was his sweet way of documenting the whole thing. Thanks, babe! You're a rockstar!

Hills Hills and more hills...
No, we didn't plan just happened to turn out that sweet!

Sprinting up the last hill for the finish. (I think I took Doug at the line)

And nothing beats some hot food and cold beer after a day of racing!
Happy riding!
Kristy Kreme


Scott said...

Some might say you can make anything taste good by wrapping it in bacon but bacon wrapped shrimp is just one of the best. Make up a little sugary coating to put on the bacon. Hot damn I must seek some out now.

devin said...

Good job in the race,,,you going to get a matching tatt..?
Have fun on the bike.

Nameless said...

Hey, will you be at Ken Woods? I miss seeing everyone!

I don't have your email and have a non-bike related question (ok, sort of) that I need some help with. Will you email me? lynne955 at yahoo dot com

See you Saturday?

chr15 tree said...

Awesome idea for a tattoo!
I'm doing the Amateur Roubaix in June, any idea's for ink in celebration??