Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still a noob

Memories of this last weekend makes the simplicity of yesterday's blizzard much easier to deal with. On Saturday, we got out for a killer ride with the creme de la creme of our cycling buds.... Hwood, Timmer, Ronnie, Snides, Margot, HardDog, Caveman, the Chucker, Kaveh, Muyers and I rolled out in the last hour of the morning from the Birchwood for a ride out to Rosemount n' back.

Here I was, with all of these talented and knowledgeable riders full of miles and wisdom, ready to soak in what I could as we enjoyed the sunlight. Sure, fenders are always a life saver when the runoff dampens the road....but me riding a single speed with these cyclists, not the brightest idea. I kept it together, though, as I surged up each hill and into the strong winds. It was crazy, too, that I almost had to force myself to remember when to eat or drink.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I tucked in out of the wind, and sucked on tubes of goo, 8 miles out of Rosemount I started to fall apart. It really didn't help that I had just come down with a wicked cough that tightened up my lungs, making any sort of recovery a challenge. So, 20 miles in, Jay was sweet enough to leave the group with me to regroup and return home on fumes. Caveman was cool enough to "guide" us home...though I think we were pretty much learning as we went. It was nice though, since it got us home at a much more leisurely pace, rather than training intervals.We made it home by the time the last of my resources completely depleted. Luckily, we'd gotten an early start, so we had a handful of hours to rest and recuperate before we had to doll up and hit the town for a Mod 60's theme party for my friend Steph's birthday.
Jay, as always, played the part of my absolutely handsome date......He's definitely the greatest man out there. And how, in my short life, did I ever get so lucky to meet him....I'll never know. But, then again, I'll never question it either. Anyways, who would even dare risk a life as great, especially when it comes with such great shoes?!Yep, that's right - thigh high white boots! Damn, I am one spoiled girl, but at least I can admit it. Pretty sure they're not very aero, so I doubt I'll be wearing them to the races any time soon. Guess I'll just have to save them for parties and rock shows.

Lovin life,
Kristy Kreme


CB said...

Look at you.. tramp :)I'm glad you found a dress (I mean top) for those boots

timmer said...

Hwood needed the plastic redneck teeth to tie it all together.. you coulda made www.hotchickswithdooshbags.com

Donimator said...

Can't wait for you to wear those bad boys to the LSC party at the ranch!