Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Rockin' Weekend

I don't what the hold up is, but someone forgot to get Spring on the flight back to MN! I may just go out of my mind if I have to wear gloves for another week. Just a week and a half ago, Jay and I rode all weekend long and now.... well, you've seen the snow.

I've definitely enjoyed every lazy minute that drained me of energy and ambition this winter, but I'm ready to pull out of hibernation NOW. My lungs itch and yearn for some level of hysteria to test their stamina. Oh, adrenaline, how I miss my old friend. Sure, I didn't train for racing whatsoever this winter.... yeah, I'll be happy to just finish races in April..... oh, but I just want it to be here so bad that I'll take the humble crawl to the finish just to sweat outdoors again.

In the meantime, though, I've tried to indulge myself with life and excitement wherever possible. On Saturday, Jay and I kicked in into high gear early with hours and hours of errands and a brief trainer ride at the shop. Come nightfall, we gathered our weary selves and headed out to the Cabooze for some live music and good times. The lineup was great, opening the evening with Chooglin, a killer rock band with high energy and horn accents, almost giving you a giddy fun feeling of watching the Blues Brothers light up a room. At the edge of the stage set for 3 bands, they played every riff with fever and wild enthusiasm. I'd never heard them before, but it was just what I needed to know I'd definitely go again. Unfortunately, we only got to enjoy 3 or so songs before their set ended and Skybombers took the cramped stage.

Skybombers were a little more UK, but I missed a lot of their show when the rest of the crew started to arrive. Wheels, Karen, Crossmax, and Leslie were all out for fun that night, and we had a great time takin' in the show together. As the hours went by, the room filled with more and more rockers.

X was the headlining band, rocking their 31st Anniversary Tour. Punk, when punk meant Sex Pistols, Ramones, and the Clash. And they had all the energy you could imagine - Exene moved around the stage as the music flowed around us and our bodies resisted the urge to move in time with the beat. I personally enjoyed the simple grin permanently stamped on Billy Zoom's face as the played guitar on our side of the stage. Maybe it's the 3000 pages of Vampire stories I've read this month, but I was certain that, if vampires did exist...he was one. One that had consumed an entire bottle of Prozac before the show, grinning contently as he played every riff, moving lithely in our eyes.

We ended the night with after bar pizza and Guitar Hero at Crossmax's, before crawling into bed exhausted at 3:30 in the morning. It was a blast - thanks, Cross! You rule for gettin' us out there.

Upcoming on the music scene.... The Mood Swings are playing the Entry on Friday, April 12th - get yer a$$es out and see 'em. Sally & Ashley rock! And who else but ACE FREHLEY of KISS is coming to First Ave on Thursday, May 8th! So much music, so little time....and it's not even Rocktober!

Rockin' in the freezin World,
Kristy Kreme


Anonymous said...

Oh to be young again and have energy to go out at night!!

Maren and I are LOVING the vampire books!!!

See you soon!

Kristy Kreme said...

Yea! So glad you're enjoying them. I've read all three twice now. Can't wait for August for the final book!

But until then...bikes bikes bikes....see you in a few weeks hopefully!

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