Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hairball in Hastings

Friday nite, Jay took me out on a double date with Cave & Kristie to grab some food, beers, and a killer Hairball show down in Hastings.  Dinner was tasty and the company was great.  The best part came after...

Jay was the King of the knight, acting as sober cab to get us to the show and back safely.  Anxious to rock out, I twitched in anticipation, holding back on the "are we there yet's" as we made our way down to Hastings.  Once we finally arrived, we exited the car to find the show having just begun on a fabulous outdoor stage!  I haven't been to an outdoor concert since I saw Paul Simon & Bob Dylan in Canal Park 13 years ago... awesome!

The summer air was warm and inviting, and a gentle breeze kept the bugs at bay and the jackets off, allowing us to enjoy the show in our favorite summer wear.  There were VIP lanyards awaiting us at the ticket table, and we quickly grabbed a beer and made our way to the front of the crowd.  Jay taught me how to move to the front long ago, and I have gotten to the point where any spot more than 2 rows from the stage just doesn't do it for me any more.  I didn't come here to watch douche bags and whatnots dance in front of me, I came to see the band... so stand outta my way Too-Much-Hairspray or Bathed-In-Aqua-DiGio... I came to rock out!

Back to the concert.

We made our way to the very front and stood directly in front of Freaky.  The sound was so loud it wrapped us up and helped us roll around in every rise and fall in the music.  The drums came through so thick, I thought each slam on the base drum would interrupt my own cardiac rhythm... oh my, I love that feeling!  It was as if the music passed right through you, the songs melting away the constraints of your body and becoming one with you.

Freaky, as always, was electric.  And there's something about watching my loved ones do amazing things that just seems to breathe life into my soul.  As if being able to watch fills me with the same energy that they're experiencing.  Maybe its the current state of my existence and the life I love and live every day, but there was something about the music and the night air that made me feel that, if only I could breathe in deep enough, I could fill myself with the energy in the air, become a part of it, and open a new door in life.

The music played on for hours, but the excitement never waned, only built up into a frenzy of strangers singing every word to every song.  From KISS, to Poison, Queen and AC/DC, the crowd followed every beat and we danced freely to every sound.  For the first time since I threw out my back a week prior, the pain wasn't constantly nagging me, telling me to lay down.  Maybe it was the movement of swaying to the music that helped keep it loose, whatever it was, I will take two.

The music played on and we were far from done.  Cannons filled the air with confetti as they rocked out some Queen tunes, and I spent a moment or two simply looking up and watching as they fumbled their way to the ground.  I watched as time seemed to slow and everything around me became united.  It felt as though my eyes were a camera recording the live performance... watching confetti flutter across the ground as Freddie Mercury lulled the crowd.... any way the wind blows.....

The show ended to the crowd's disappointment, and we slipped backstage to say hi to the band.  The guys were charged and sharing laughs and stories with us as the fans chanted in protest at the end of the night.  We happily caught up with our friends before slowly making our way back to the car.  Jay was sweet to drive us all home as the black night sky hung outside the windows and we eased back into relaxation and looked forward to sleep.

It was an amazing night... one of those concerts I'll look back on fondly years from now... not exactly remembering each song that played, but the feeling the night left us with.  I never feel like I can describe a Hairball show as splendidly as I experience it, but I hope this helps.  Thank you, Randy, for inviting us to come enjoy this with you!!!  I can't wait to do it again!

Still floating amongst the clouds...
Kristy Kreme