Thursday, December 20, 2012

Girl Fiend Designs goes live!

Only a year ago, I felt depressed and unfulfilled in my career... believing whole-heartedly that's the way it had to be.  Lucky for me, though, I found new outlets and my amazingly supportive husband stood by me 200% when I resigned from 'corporate America'.... best decision ever!

Now I get to spend my days w/ my fave hubby & puppy at the bike shop that brought us together.. what bliss.  My marriage has never been better now that we get to spend more time together and since the stress levels have magically disappeared.

To keep the fun-wagon rolling, my favorite artist/designer, Teri Harriet, and I have just recently launched our own biz focused on hand-printed women's tees, scarves & unisex hats.    Girl Fiend Designs is our way to create fun, edgy women's tees with soft fabrics and a great shape.... no more "Youth Large" - women want it to flattering!  And the fun of creating the designs and screening them in our home workshop is such an exhilarating feeling!  Each piece is special and loved in the pure joy of watching it all come to life.

 Who says work can't be fun??

Our "Naughty List" tee was a limited run since the holidays were so close - we sold out within hours!  Best of all, the list actually has our names and our friends names listed!

Our public debut was at the Winter Bike Expo on the 8th and we got great feedback and sold a bunch of fun shirts!  We sold out of our "Naughty List" design early, but still had our great "Hell on Wheels" shirt to spoil all the lady cyclists with.  

Now we've got a website: and an Etsy store!  Plus, Hollywood Cycles is carrying the line, too!  After the holidays, Teri and I are going to be working on adding winter hats and some soft, screen printed scarves to our product offering before going back to the drawing board for spring and summer designs.  Although Teri's not a bike racer, I'm happy that she sees the fun and the excitement that comes from those rowdy girls out there, so we'll always have cycling designs in the pipeline.

I'm just so happy to be apart of something so fun and sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.  I always thought I needed to fit some sort of mold... but it's been this adventure in finding and forming myself that's been the best thing I could have done for myself.

Huge thanks to my hubby for supporting this dream as we brain-stormed for months, and as we take our first steps forward.  Jay - you truly are my prince charming!  Teri, thanks for believing with me - this is gonna be fun!

Embarking on the next adventure,
Kristy Kreme