Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry name it...

Christmas was another rockin good time w/ me, Jay, and our families. Sure, we didn't get to see everyone we wanted (John & Abby), but we had a wonderful time with our parents and siblings, celebrating yet another great year in our lives.

To kick it all off, we had my mom, step dad, and lil sis & bro over on Christmas Eve. It was the first holiday we've hosted at our home, and it was perfect. Jay made an awesome quiche that everyone gobbled up to help keep their heads on straight after a couple Christmas mimosas. Aside from all the fun, stories, and thoughtful gifts, the highlight was definitely playing Guitar Hero w/ the whole fam.
Mom blew us all away, takin' over bass guitar, and even singin some Nuge "Stranglehold"!! It was awesome!!!

We spent Christmas Day at my Dad's w/ that side of the family. Jay and I destroyed at Pictionary aside from even our own predictions. Going up against 2 sets of siblings, we thought blood would be thicker than wedding license....PSYCH! Guess we're soul mates or sumpin' cuz we knew exactly what the other was trying to draw almost every time, winning by almost half the board spaces. After a short night's rest, we headed south to Iowa to spend a few days kickin it w/ Jay's parents. It was so nice getting to spend time with them for Christmas, hanging out and helping set up a movie/TV room for Jay's dad, Bob. Jay and I ran errands for them over the weekend and found the newest addition to our family....Double Psych! C'mon - we're newlyweds. No need to rush off and start havin' puppies any day soon. But, once we do...he'll look just like this. Anyways, after a long but wonderful 5 days of Christmas w/ our family, Jay and I gratefully returned home for two days of rest before we hit the ground running for another great New Year's celebration.

Spoiled by Santa,
Kristy Kreme

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Masini said...

Kristy... yeah, late comment. This is Jay's friend Jav (now in Switzerland).

I say... it's never too soon for some weiner dog action. Our 2 have seen traveled the world now. Also - if 1 is good, 2 is better!

rock on!