Monday, June 11, 2007

I like to ride my bike, end of story

Nine months ago I thought to myself "I like to ride bikes". And, seeing my only bike at the time was a rusted old, hand-me-down, sumthin' or nuther, I decided to by myself a nice new bike. That, and I had some dream about doing a triathlon some day (this was before I realized I didn't really like to run, but I loved to ride). Yadda Yadda, through the OC's super rad recommendation, I wound up at Hollywood Cycles. Fast forward --- bike purchased, fell in love with riding and all of our favorite bike shop owner, discovered racing, joined PCR's, got engaged, ----arrive: Today's date.

So, over the course of last week, my super-wicked, natural high of finishing 2nd in the State TT Championship became awash due to politico Bull-Shyte. On my team website, which we use to post practice rides and hunt for car pools to far away races, results are posted on Monday/Tuesday mornings by our team "Captain". Last week, however, he happened to omit my finish. Jacki, the OC, posted my results and a big congrats which was super sweet! She also included a question to our fearless leader about why my scores had not been listed (when two of the other PCR's on the team's had) Our "captain" replied with a nice "I only post PCR scores. What were you wearing?". [for those of you who haven't made it down my blog to the State TT entry - I was wearing Jay's kit. Not only do I not have a PCR skin suit, but it was chilly and Jay had a long-sleeve Black N White one I could wear. Not to mention, he's definitely my best sponsor!]

Anyways, the entire outhouse hit the fan - stinky, warm crap flying everywhere, me greatly insulted by the public belittling by el capitan. My teammates choosing sides or cracking jokes to lighten the situation.....the glory of riding so hard and finishing great - flushed down the tube within hours.

I'm sorry, but I did not join a "team" to be made to feel bad for things I'm doing - Frick, if I wanted to feel that way, I'd join a cult. I joined this group so I'd be able to find more people passionate about the sport and recreation of cycling that I could learn from. There went that idea. Not to mention, it's not as if I'm making a living this way. I joined a club and began racing Cat 4 and beginners races - let's not take it all so seriously. Either way, it was extremely unfortunate to find out that people can be so uptight and cruel about something so magnificent.

I anticipate most of those out there that read this ride because they love it. Let's keep it that way. Wear what you want to wear, ride what you want to ride, and love every minute of it.
Don't let people take that away from you.

Rant over


Anonymous said...

Damn Girl, did not know you felt so strongly about it. Sorry for the wise crack as I did not figure you would be up-set by it.


SickBoy said...

kk, glad you have your head screwed on straight. if they can't understand the circumstances then screw 'em.

happy to say I'm your friend no matter what color you wear - though you ARE always welcome in b&w :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you dont know me, but i know you. You are doing awesome. This is my first year racing too and really, I dont think it matters in our Cat 4 field if you are even on a team. I am sure some experienced racer will tell me it does, but not for a TT!
Enjoy it..., you are..ride bc you love to ride and the team and the results are icing on the cake.See you on the roads.