Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthdays and Bikes

The big 2-7 has come and gone, but not without some fab fun to commemorate it by. Jay let me open my birthday present Monday night since we were going to be riding on my actual birthday (Tuesday) and didn't want to cram too much excitement into just one day.

Jay usually wraps my presents up in bike part boxes. It always makes it really interesting to find out what's really in the crank set or pedal box. Needless to say, I had no clue what was to come when I started to dig into a crank set box wrapped fascinatingly in covers of Velo News....and what do you think was in there?? A sexy new FSA Team Issue Carbon Crank set, that's what! Yowza x 2!!!! I never would have guessed (but that seems to be becoming a trend with Jay).

He put it on Casper the next morning for our ride so I got to get the full effect. We got up early to hit the shop and soup up the bike before driving down to Lake City for an EPIC birthday ride. Yes, that's right - we played hookie and rode bikes. We had planned on this ride for weeks, so didn't even consider calling it quits with the high 90's temps. We got there around 11:00, gearing up and filling water bottles while breaking a sweat. This was another one of those silent moments where, somewhere in the back of our minds, something was saying "this might not be such a great idea".....but it was a ride, so you're damn right we ignored those thoughts.
Jay and I kept a great pace going (sometimes I was riding a little harder than I should have been, but it was hot and any little breeze was a treat). The hills were more than I imagined, especially right at the beginning, leaving Red Wing into Wisconsin - we had a 3-4 mile climb that seemed to never end. Jay and I were also fighting for city sprint signs at every town....I actually crushed him on 2!!! We stopped in Maiden Rock for some cold sodas and sat in the shade for a few minutes, only to see that, at 1:30 pm it was already 98 degrees in the shade. I'm convinced it got well over 100, especially in the wide open roads, newly paved with fresh blacktop. We rode those for miles trying to keep it together on the way to Nelson, WI for lunch. The heat was almost too much for me, getting the chills just miles away from our stop. I trudged through with the air conditioned carrot that dangled in front of me. Lunch was tasty and the perfect respice before taking on the last 20 miles and the increasing heat.

My handsome man
Jay and I rolled back out, headed for Wabasha and then onto Lake City. While Jay was reaching Nirvanna 10+ miles out, I started to fall apart. My body started to show signs of heat exhaustion lack of experience. While Jay's body knew what 70 miles was like and could turn over the pedals without force, my body began shutting down. I struggled to stay on his wheel time and time again, almost reaching the point of full melt-down for the very first time, but was able to struggle through and turn it over to the finish. We got to the car exhausted, wet, and,more than likely,5 pounds lighter. No matter how hard it was or how much my body hurt, it was a fabulous time, and a great way to spend my birthday!
Later that night, we went to Timmer and Angie's for some BBQ'in and a sweet birthday dessert and singing. Thanks for the fun and hospitality - you guys rule!

My best friend once told me that my golden birthday year would be the greatest of my life. This birthday marked the end of that Golden year. She was right, though. Not only did I get a new bike and really fall for cycling....but I met Jay, who has brought me nothing but happiness and joy. It's wonderful being able to share the things you love with someone you love so deeply.
Livin' a life I love,
Kristy Kreme

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