Sunday, July 1, 2007

TTY Night at the Dog

People came out in drones for TTY night at Black Dog. Jay and I even skipped out of the shop early but still wound up with numbers in the 80's. This was to be yet another night of the Jordan-Ray-Kristy match up, and my first Dog with the new crank set.

Jay rode great that night, finishing in 15:36 in the Men's 35+. He may have had a late start to the year, but he's definitely coming around. I definitely believe that he'll own CX season at the least. Along with Jay, a great number of Silver Cyclist came out strong that night. Brian Abery won the Masters 50+ in 14:51 with David Herbert in a close third at 15:31. Steve Knowlton and Ron Gallas were close behind in 6th and 7th. Matt Stein (Men 35+) finished third in 15:12, Linda Sone rode an even 17 minutes to take 4th in the Women's Open, and Julie Mc got 2nd in the Women's 35+ with 17:37. and.....who owned the Dog that night???

Was it a bird? Or a plane? Nope......Timmer "my biological father is really Flash Gordon" Mulrooney destroyed the Men's Open field with a hot 14:16! Way to go!

As for the rivalry, Ray's new super bars shot him forward to a slick 19:07, shaving more than a minute off his time. And Jordan? Well, he's almost untouchable at 18:14. Somehow he happened to sneak out of the Doping Tent before he had to donate. The jury is still out on that one.

As for me, I got my PR, finishing 2nd at 19:12, one whole second off my time from 2 weeks ago. I honestly wasn't super excited about how I rode, but I'm still proud of myself. Again, all three of us got new Personal Records - I think this rivalry is good for us. I still can't believe they didn't let me win since it was my birthday and all, but oh well. I'll remember that next time, Jordan.
As for the rest of the night, it was fun as usual. The pizza delivery guy has us on his radar, and came quickly w/ arm-loads of pizza. We sat around as the night closed, sharing a bunch of laughs, cold beers, and some hot food.

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Lunatic Biker said...

I had a really good time with you guys and got faster because Jay helped me with my bike. That, and I limited the chatting during the race.