Friday, July 6, 2007

Damn internet...won't let me give this entry a title! But, if it did, I would call it something snappy about the 4th of July. Maybe "en fuego 4th" or "fun and fireworks", or straight to the point "July 4th Adventures"

Jay and I went down to Northfield on Wed. for the 4th of July Criterium. This was only my second criterium, but I rode great. I led out the first lap, probably against Jay's advice, but I got to go through every turn w/o anyone next to me for my first official time through, and I found it quite comfortable. The course had a 2 block climb that wound up being my concrete nemesis. I was doing a stellar job on the corners and rocked the straightaway, but the climb caused me to loose places time and time again. On a personal level, I rocked! I rode hard and fast and felt great. And Jay got some rad pics to prove it.

I ended up finishing 14th of 20 finishers (22 total). Not the greatest but I finished above a couple gals w/ more experience, and definitely not DFL.

Jay, as I predicted, rode amazingly! Sure, he's probably taking longer to come around than he wanted to this year, but it's still fabulous to watch. Hollywood rode the 1/2/3 with a goal to finish 7 or 8 of the 30 or 40 was he happy when he not only finished, but rocked some great laps while doing it. With 3 laps to go, Jay took over as Timmer's lead-out, with almost too fast of a pace. He rode it to the limit, then moved aside for the next rider to take over. Jay finished hard, and help Timmer get a sweet second place! Silver Cycling was out in force at the Crit, representing and riding well. Dan from Peace Coffee also did an amazing job, finishing 10th and leading a great lap. Way to go, Racers!

As for the rest of the afternoon, Angie, Leslie, and I roamed around the festivities eating corn dogs (with dog drool) and ice cream cones in the hot summer sun.

Atlas was always trying to snag our vittles

Later that evening, Hwood and I hit home for a quick shower before heading to Terri & Randy's place for some grub and fireworks. We took the pedal bikes out to make sure we could get in and out fast during the explosive show. Small world as it is, Jay was pretty thrown when one of his college dorm mates, Tim, was sitting around the fire pit when we got there. Hadn't seen each other since the 60's! (hehee...old man joke for my very handsome man!)

We headed out as a towny biker gang, pointed towards the Stone Arch Bridge and taking over the streets and the Mall as we pedaled along. The fireworks were great, and almost as fun as the ice cream man that Randy pounced on for a cold treat. I think the pour man was there for hours, as the mob of whining kids spotted him with Randy. We snuck out of the crowd quickly to get away from traffic and get home. Stopped on the way to light off some fireworks in a park - I'm pretty sure Randy's got a bald spot on the one side of his head now.
Of course, it was another fun night in LaLa Land!

Partyin' on,
Kristy Kreme


Rodrigo said...
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Les said...

Did you get the dog drool out of your shorts? :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not making it to any of your races, but i hear you're getting faster every race. Tell jay i've almost got all the cashola.