Monday, July 16, 2007

Was it a "Domestic" or just my "Domestique"?

So, is it considered 'domestic abuse' if your super wonderful, fun loving, handsome fiancee crashes you out on your sexy road bike and makes you cry? You be the judge.

Saturday, Jay and I got up early and tried to catch the finish of the LifeTime triathlon. Unfortunately, we got there a little late and they were already giving out awards. Jay and I stuck around for a bit, hangin with the crowd, until our empty bellies got the best of us and we followed TK out, headed for the Birchwood and some tasty breakfast. The food was great, and it was fun to see Tracy's place for the first time! Yum!

After the meal, Jay and I headed to NordEast to Timmer and Angie's house. Half way there, as we just tooled around finding our own way there, Jay cut right while looking back and talking with me. Me, I was close on his wheel and far from my brakes.... we both steered to try to avoid the crash but I hit his rear wheel and went down. The bike went right, my left leg unclipped and I did the splits for the first time ever....only to land full force on my left SITS bone. So, there I was - on all fours in the middle of the road, wind knocked out of me, in enough pain that I started gagging, and trying desparately to get out of traffic and Jay corraled me onto the curb. Kneeling on the edge of the road, I broke down, lip-quivering pout, fighting the tears with every last bit of strength I had. It didn't work. I cried and Jay was so sweet to comfort me. Sure, some of it was probably just fear, but my arse still hurts!

We picked the gravel out of my hand and wiped off my knees, back on course to Timmer's. Luckily they had some pain killers so I could make it back home again. It hurt so much being on that saddle, that we pretty much took a straight line home. Timmer joined us to get his own ride started. We got home in no time at all and I was layin' out on the couch within minutes. Timmer continued to ride the Tour de Timmer without us, but hopefully will take us along once I can sit in one place that long again. ;OP

Sure, Jay didn't yell out "Derby!" so that probably means it was an accident. Either way, he was super gentle about it and took such great care of me that I had to forgive him.

Yes, I still love the bully.....
Kristy Kreme

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