Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hopkins Crit

So, writing this blog of "Kristy Kreme Adventures", I feel it's my duty to keep the stream of stories coming. There are times, though, that the adventures are so close together that the river backs up and a flood of folk-lore comes raging out in one second.

Sunday was the Hopkins Crit. I've been in only 1 real crit before this and 1 circuit race. My whole goal today was to learn to corner better, and hang onto the field as long as I can. The temps were well above ninety and hot, hot, hot! I broke a sweat pretty much instantly once I'd suited up in my sweet Silver kit. I was feeling good though - moderately calm, mellow innards, anxiety low...I rolled up to the start w/ the other 14 ladies in the Cat 4 race. When the whistle blew, I rode out with the field, keeping pace and not letting my adrenaline run the show.

I was feeling so good that I hung on easily....and I kept on! Corner after corner, I kept with the field and cornered pretty well. I know I still need to work on my corners and hold my line, but in this one, I was riding hard and doing great. Turn for turn I could here Jay shouting out cheers and pointers and encouragement....I love that about him! Coming into the closing laps, I moved into 4th place. I held onto it for a lap, only to lose it due to a bad line on corner 3. The speed kept revving up, going into the final lap at 24mph and getting faster.

There was a large finish group that came in sprinting, and I was part of it! I ended up finishing 9th! First single-digit finish w/ more than 10 riders! Man, it felt so amazing to have things work during the race, hear my teammates cheering around the course, have my Sweetheart cheering me on for the whole race,....and then to have it come together for a great finish! Yowza! I loved it!

As Jay prepped for his race, the heat gave way to a cold breeze, weather threatening with storms to come. The men started fast and hard, with a prime on lap One. As the first lap finished, the sky began to light up with electricity, and the thunder clapped loud in our ears. Jay tore off the front with another rider and the smell of rain in his nose. They were far off the front coming into Turn 4, and Jay sprinted to the line hard. As he crossed the line in the lead, the officials called the race - storm delay. Racers and spectators alike dashed for doorways and open cars when the rain opened up fast and furious. We huddled beneath any over-hang as we watched the rain give way to hard winds and hail! Half an hour later, as we were wet and still in our doorway, the officials had to cancel the race. Jay's the big winner! 2007 Men's Hopkins Crit Champ, Hollywood Henderson! Way to go babe!

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Strats said...

Kristy, you did great at Northfield and Hopkins! Congrats!