Monday, July 16, 2007

Hollywood riding with Toyota United: by Jay Hollywood

With all the wild and crazy things that I, Hollywood, get to do...sometimes I forget about the perks of my job. One of the greatest perks: Taking out cyclists for some epic rides, like the time I got to take the Toyota United team for a killer MN ride before the Nature Valley Grand Prix. This is not only a top domestic team, but they got Henk Vogels, a multiple top 10 finisher at Roubaix amongst other Spring Classic finishes. And come by the shop to check out the hot signed jersey by Henk! Werry, Baldwin, and the boyz enjoyed the ride through the River Bottoms and ramped it up for a big win that evening.

Check out Hollywood's rad video of the Toyota United team ride!(click here)

Not only did I get to help out Toyota, but Tilford needed the Hollywood touch as well, when I built up his TT bike in the parking lot. And, later, rebuilt his complete road bike for that evening! Steve was stellar, showing his appreciation with an autographed World Champ Jersey!

Hollywood and Toyota United

Jay celebrating with Siberian Champ Ivan Stevic, winner of the St. Paul Nature Valley Crit

Party On!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

This is Vicki and just wanted to let you know that I am very excited to see how well you are doing. And by the way, Timmy is doing great and he says hi!

Take care,