Monday, July 16, 2007

Hamel Time Trial

Sunday, sore bum and all, was the Hamel TT. The drain was wide open in the big parking lot, so Jay and I took up some property in the shade with Timmer. The weather was nice and cool, making it just perfect for the limited issue Black n White Hollywood skin suit.
The course was more hilly than I anticipated, putting my efforts to the test climb after climb. The button didn’t pop for 6 miles or so, and I as pretty sure I was well behind my goal time of 40 minutes. With 3 miles to go, I felt full-throttle. The beast unleashed and I was charging to the finish, big-gearin' it over every climb. 1km to go, I saw Jay turn around in the distance to ride and cheer me on. He was so great, filling me with encouragement as I revved up for a finishing sprint. I cranked those sweet FSA's up to a 27mph finish, crossing the line with mouth hanging open and every last fiber in my legs on fire.

It felt great! I rode so hard. Jay and I spun out with Russ and a handful of Silver Cyclists. With the adrenaline depleted, the tenderness in my tush took over and fatigue started to set in. We got back to camp just as it was becoming unbearable and just in time for awards. Timmer was flying again, eating up the field, with more than a minute between himself and second place.
macho macho man....Timmer wants to be a macho man!

Dan's performance was a little soggy....Don't worry Dan, it happens to lots of men

Jay was also cooking, coming in just over 30 minutes. Me, I blew away that 40 minute goal, finishing in 37:04!!! I ended up 11th of 19 in the Women's Cat 4 - slowly climbing the rungs and learning more and more each time out. I even beat Jordan - maybe the extra 15 years of fat stores works to my advantage in those last 6 miles. hehehe Jordan thinks it doesn't count since it wasn't the Dog, but I'm sure as heck gonna revel in it! Nice job though, Jordan! Taking 1st in the Juniors is a great accomplishment! And it was super awesome to see Cam back on the bike, taking first overall! Welcome back, girl!

Way to go, racers!

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