Thursday, July 12, 2007

Birthday Black Dog

Last night was another memorable night at the Dog. (Seriously, if you're not coming down for it yet, you are missing out on some rad times). Jordan the Super Kid's 12th Birthday!!!
The weather was perfect and the spirits were high. Jimmer missed out big! Not only did we get to party w/ the lovely Mrs. Karla, but we got to eat ice cream cake in the parking lot! And before pizza none the less. Don't worry Jimmer, Jordan wouldn't let us load him up with treats before the race.

Aside from the Bday fun, the racing was great! It was super windy, blowin' riders silly near the factory. One rider even ate gravel at the turn around. Me, I was on fire! I was diggin' so hard I didn't know what to do with myself. Sure, it was a struggle to fight through the wind but my legs felt powerful. I didn't have much for a finishing sprint in the end, but I was pretty certain I got under 19 minutes for the first time. Jay was convinced I was sub 18:50, I was sure there was no way.

We returned to the lot to order up the D-grease and hang out. We had a blast, razzin' Jordan about the big Bday, grubbin', and sharing laughs. When the results were posted, there were some huge smiles around the melted ice cream cake.....Timmer cut 5 seconds off his PR, anhiliating the field in 14:06! Jordan swung by with a smirk to tell me I didn't beat him yet again...surprise, surprise, right? NO - This was different.....We TIED! We tied with a super fast 18:43!!! AMAZING! That's 29 seconds off my time from 2 weeks ago! Yowza just doesn't cut it.....that was friggin' fantastic!

Lovin' my cyclin'
Kristy Kreme

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Anonymous said...

Love the pix, and just wanted to say thanx for the bday bash for Jordan. He thinks the world of everyone in the cycling circuit,(especially the Siver Cycling crew!) It was very nice to finally get to meet you. I hear about you ALL the time!! Thanx again,and maybe I'll see you at St.Cloud.