Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hottest of the Hot Dogs

Last night was another deathly, hot night at the Dog. We laid low in the parking lot when not on the bike, wiping gnats off of our bodies as they stuck to the layers of sweat.

The humidity slowed the riders and the wind was too mild to make it any bit bearable. Personally, I was struggling hard....body still begging for recovery time after the last 4 days of racing. I definitely pushed my limits, but still finished slower than I had in 4 weeks, coming in at 19:22. Luckily, it seemed to have the same effect on the rest of the riders, allowing me to take 1st for the Women's Stock category.

Timmer got 2nd (??) in 14:38, and Jay finished hard in 15:38. The OC even came out for the 2nd time, finishing in 20:02. As for the rivalry, Jordan blew away from us with 18:36, and Ray cranked out a 19:01. Sure, Jordan, you may have me at the Dog, but I still got you at St. Cloud AND Hamel!!! Cam tested out the HED3's for the first time, surprising herself with a fast 1st place finish!

As hot as we were, we passed on pizza. All we could muster was some cold suds and laughs, then called it an early night. Great job everyone! See ya in 2 weeks!

Kristy Kreme

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JimmerC said...

Sorry we didn't stick around long. I was starving. We hit Arby's on the way home. Rest up and we'll see you guys at the next one.