Monday, June 25, 2007

Nature Valley Grand Prix - Day Three

Jay and I jumped on bike fast after work on Friday and hit the streets of downtown for the Nature Valley Crit. We arrived just in time to watch the ladies roll out for a viscious ride. The weather was beautiful and the racing was fun. Nancy, Ronnie, Timmer, Jay and I roamed the streets with a couple of beers and endless friends. Honestly, there were times that I forgot a race was going on.

A lap or two into the men's race, we headed upstairs at Brits Pub to catch the sky view of the goings on. The entire crew was there! Wheels, Crossmax, Hurl, Kelly Mac, Sov.....the list, and the fun, goes on and on! We hung out there for the duration of the race, screaming loud and obnoxiously, drinking beers, and sharing a ton of laughs!

not-so-fat guy in a little coat...

KellyMac, Sov, and I on top of Britts Pub

Jay and I couldn't stick around too long, though, since we had to drive out to Milwaukee after the race. We cut out and headed home to pack up the bikes and drive East. Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee, here we come!

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