Monday, June 25, 2007

Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee

Jay and I hammered through a red-eye drive to Milwaukee after midnight on Friday, trying to make it straight through. We had to stop an hour or so into the trip, sleeping for 30 minutes at a closed gas station before getting back on our way. Jay trudged through the 1st 3 hours, before I took over, letting my sweet man sleep soundly after a long week.

I got us 20 miles from Milwaukee before sleep and a killer headache started wearing me thin. The sun was up and a complete trip to my eyes and mind. Jay got on the phone with Zito, who directed us to the Casa de Michelle&Todd. We walked gingerly into the house, as Zito greeted us with a smile and the reason he was up doing laundry before 6 AM....sweet Trevor, your bladder can only hold so much! Jay and I crawled into bed for a short 2 hours of sleep before the festivities were to begin.

When we woke, we were quik to jump on the bikes, headed for Barnacle Bud's and some 10:00AM beers. Jay was charming, of course, in his cowboy hat...wrangling up the riders along the way, keepin the herd on track for the next pub. I couldn't resist wearing my Cipollini'esque Castelli's and a rockin' Got Wood tank....

With a dozen or so stops and even more beers, pickin the right stories to tell is hard. I did get to see Lake Michigan for the first time! And, I learned to lay down some wicked skid marks as we cruised around the parkways and alleys of Milwaukee from bar to bar to polish fest to bar ....

PeeWee, the man respnsible for all of the debauchery

Z-tox and T-man rode the fatest tires of 'em all, 2 Pugsleys that took over the town and almost turned more heads than my shorts. Jay destroyed the competition in a skid contest, almost taking the front end out on a family sedan....we stopped traffic for the second run. At Wolski's the fun was unleashed as we watched the newb's attempt to beat the smurf at gutter chugs of beer. I think Trevor was the only true winner, finishing off a pitcher like it was a source of life. The next event was riding the fat tires up into the bar - up 4 stairs and then the threshold....people had some sick moves, trying to get up the stairs. Jay to a downhill start on one of the Pugsleys, doing great, until the rear wheel flatted on the threshold. He started to roll back, but pulled himself in with ease.
Z-ray vision

The police stopped by to get us off the swings, so we headed to the Barnacle for some grub and door prizes. The food was great finale and finish to a rockin' ride, only to prep us for a mellow bonfire, and our first full night's sleep in days.

Roadworn, weary, and having fun,
Kristy Kreme

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