Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mood Swings CD Release Party

Last night Hollywood, Timmer, Wheels, Dana and I all hit the Hexagon for some rock n roll. The Mood Swings were having a CD release party for their new album "No Limit" and gave us a call asking us to come and make some noise.

Ashley and Sally were on FIRE last night!! They've put us on the list for a couple shows, and we've always had a great time....but this was their greatest show yet that I have seen!

The Hex was full of the entire gambit of people....which helped Dana blend in better in his holey shirt. The crowd was young and energized in the evening heat. The gals were up on stage and having a fabulous time. Dan was jammin' on the base, his hole body hitting the notes with his wicked riffs. The drummer was even twirlin his sticks, kickin out some rad solos, and just lovin it.

The energy was high, watching Ashley's small, delicate hands kick out some hard, raging, fast-moving riffs. I've only been listening to them for 6 months or so, but I've seen so much progression in her. Every show we see, she gets a little more animated and pulls you in a little further. Tonight, too, was the first time I think I've seen her whip out a wicked-crazy guitar solo....and I was right up front to scream for it!

Sally was on as well. She was up on stage, looking like it was her favorite jam session. My favorite is "Want Need Love" and they brought it hard. Her "yeah's" and "wah's" were killer, full of electricity, and coming across perfectly. She worked that Rickerbacher like a Belgian making lace - precision, passion, and finesse!
It was a fabulous show! I definitely urge you to check 'em out if you like Rock N Roll or even just the live and local music scene. They will not disappoint. I'll try to throw out a heads up next time I hear where they're playing. Until then, Party On!

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