Saturday, June 16, 2007

This goes out to you, Booms

When it comes to this blog, I purposefully stray away from frequent rants - I just don't want all that negativo infecting my page. Life is good, and there is absolutely no denying it, so this is primarily focused on the adventures I have. Don't get me wrong....I love reading other blogs filled with sarcasm, complaints, ranting, and setting the dumb people of the world straight. That's my same sense of humor, and I'm not a fan of stupid people.

There are, however, going to be times when I have something to rant about. Maybe it will be to blow off steam, or to get the blogosphere to hear my point of view on an issue.....maybe to reach for a sense of Right, when I've been wronged. Hence the blog entry "I like to ride my bike..." just a couple of days/a week ago. I will never feel bad about posting something like that, because I doubt my views will ever change on the matter.

However, I feel like I just want to clear up one point - I was insulted by one person's actions alone. I felt like I had friends on my side, or at least supporting my decision - friends like OC and Booms. The way I had originally wrote it (I say originally, b/c I'm going to go back and edit it) I said "stinky, warm crap flying everywhere, me greatly insulted by the public insulting, teammates choosing sides or cracking jokes". I am sorry, especially to Booms, if it reads like your jokes were insulting. I actually LOVED them! They were just more fire in the belly. You are definitely one of my first friends in cycling, and I'd like to keep it that way. Please, don't feel bad about what you said at all- I thought it was great, and right on - even the "girl, you are in so much trouble". ;OP You're funny, and you lighten things up when they get all mucked up w/ bull-shyte. Thanks!

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