Monday, October 22, 2007

Powderhorn CX

Other than touring around w/ a PBR at Homie, Sunday was my first time back on a bike since Boom's lil injury so all I focused on at the Powderhorn CX was smooth transitions on and off the bike. Jay was super supportive, agreeing fully to only cheer me on to the finish, not to encourage me to beat anyone. He did just that. Each lap I did, Jay was there with a water bottle and encouraging words as I struggled through the pain I thought had healed.

I didn't notice it all week, but the first around-the-back dismount I attempted shot pain from low back, through my hip, and down my left leg....and the race hadn't even begun. When Matt yelled for us to start, I pedaled only up to a moderate pace and kept it there for the entire race. The first couple dismounts were agony, so I changed it up with a Margo/Aric-esque Over-the-top dismount. I proved to be really quick and painless, so I made my new goal to perfect it. I guess I'm still flexible enough to pull it off....Yippee!!!I definitely wasn't lapping the competition, but I was out there faster than I thought I would be. (Thanks to Jay for all the back rubbin' - You're the best, Suga!)

I thought I had completely outsmarted my own body, when I hit the long stair climb towards the start/finish. Everyone around me was running it, so I didn't even think it was ridable (which is probably for the best to save myself any more back strain). I would do great until about the 1/2 way point before my body started to sound like it had a bout of turrets....back droppin' the f-bomb, my left hip screaming something about a cupid hunt...?? I don't really know what that was all about.

Even though it would have been great to finish farther up in the pack, I was ecstatic to finish at all. I definitely couldn't have done it without Jay and the rest of the Mafia cheering me on...Thanks guys! And thanks to Linda for this sweet pic! Sorry to borrow it, there were no other pics taken.
Jay kicked out an amazing race! Coming through with the hole shot, Jay blew his chain just seconds after the start/finish. Luckily he was right by the pit, so he swapped out to his Single Speed that, albeit, had 2 flat tires. A little bit of O2 later, the man was chasing the field like a rabid dog. By this time, the rest of the A's were 50-75% of a lap ahead of him. Leave it to Hollywood to play catch up on a steep single speed and blow us all away. (I don't know exactly where he finished, so I'll post again soon. The results still aren't up and we blew out of there right after the race to get to my Dad's for a family dinner). SkinnySki got some great shots though....Jay n the Mpls Mafia (don't worry Ma & Pa, they're not literally mafia)

Harddog rode great, taking 3rd

Jay's my favorite!!!

I've decided I'm gonna lay low, but try to keep the legs spinnin' just enough to not fall apart completely at State CX. I am excited, though, to get all dressed up n' race Red Barn. That should be a gas!

Til then kids...keep an eye on the blog...there's still more to come!
Luv, Kristy Kreme


Lynne said...

Bummer you won't be racing Saturday, but at least you'll be in the right frame of mind in a costume (hot one, I assume?).

See you at the State Championships.

Kristy Kreme said...

No worries, Lynn, I wouldn't miss your race. There just no more doublin' up until I'm 100%, or until 2008, whichever happens first. Still gotta finish my costume though, Oi! Have a fab week!

GoBigGreen said...

let me know if you need/want a good Physical Therapist. I would offer to see you but i work with geriatrics and mercy me, we arent there yet...(tho some days it feels like it)
Ice ice baby and i dont mean in your drink:)