Monday, October 22, 2007

Homie Fall Festus 2007

I can't believe Homie has already come n gone. It was a blast, as usual....getting done up in costume, arriving at the bar before noon, riding bikes and goofing off with a couple hundred other Single Speed lovin' adults under canopies of fall leaves.....Priceless. So perfect indeed, that I'll try n' let the photos speak for themselves.
Gettin' fresh w/ IrriZETObleA boy n' his matching bike

Celtic n' Hip Hop

Angus Young (aka KK) even dropped in!

Feats of Strength

Thanks for another great time, Homie!
Until next year, ride on!
Kristy Kreme


D-Train & Booms said...

Just in case words are needed, he would be D-train, AC and my view

Homie was saturday...D-train, AC and I did this. We all lived but damn we aint whole no more.

Ya, my knees have scabs, i rode my surly today and everything seemed crooked. My chrome bag smells like stale beer from the empties kevin threw in there. So pretty standard night.

My left butt cheek is completely purple. And my
left forearm is bruised and scratched from the elbow down. I know I
crashed hard on that hill top, and I think I crashed while trying to
ride down the bluff by the dog park, but I'm not sure about the rest.
Bike is fine. Ditto on the stale beer smelly bag.

Two Bruised shoulders, raw knuckles, scabs on both knees, a rear wheel that barely turns (of course that would D-train wheel on me bike that I made square), a missing seat, a high speed stop into a street sign, 12 beers and a litre of Jamison...That about sums up my Homie!!! (of course not in that order)

Kristy Kreme said...

Thanks for the wrap up boys! It was fun. And in case you forgot, I'm a rebel and there's no questionin' that!