Monday, October 15, 2007

Ka-boom Island

Honestly, I don't really know where to begin about Boom Island. I woke up still super-charged from an awesome time in Duluth, racing Spirit Mtn. Hwood and I left early to grab some lawn along the course to set up shop for the team and a tent to cheer from in case the weather man was right. We ended up in front of the wheel pit right in the heart of the hecklers hangout. The best thing about Minneapolis races - the whole cycling community comes out to watch and hang out!

My bro & I geared up to check out the course before our race. The steep hill climb was pretty rad, but I wish they would have had more barriers! What can I say, I learned something new and I really want to use it! ;O) This was the largest field I have been in for a long time, with 71 riders lined up at the start. I rode hard from the start, trying my best to get away from the rest of my field before we entered the twists and single track. I kept a good pace for the entire race, pushing myself just to the edge of my comfort level, ready to vomit at any time. Jay was super busy fixin' bikes in the pit, so I have to thank
Skinny Ski for some rad shots!

Lovin' the barriers!

My Kid Bro

I love shoulderin' that lil Primativo!

I lost a place behind Barb and tried to keep her in my sites - she rides a great pace and it's a nice focus point for me when I start to come unglued. I held off the kid for as long as I could, but he got passed me with just a couple laps to go.
I didn't let him get too far though, finishing just feet behind him. Heck, I'll lose to a Sophomore 12 year old any day, especially when it means I've improved as much as I have this Freshmen year. I finished my 40th race of the year in 4th (Women's C3/4)!! Forty freakin' races! Yowza doesn't come close to defining it. My bro did great too, and turned around and jumped in the B-race after some water and a pep talk. I think addiction runs in the family!

Silver Cyclist did great left & right yesterday! Jay rocked a sweet race in the A's (12th), Margot finished hard in 4th in the W 1/2/3, Hard Dog took 3rd in the Elite race, Greg was an animal on the single speed (don't know what place), and Kyia won the women's Elite flying the Hwood Banner! Nice work everyone.

All n' all, it was a great 40th race. I'd been off the bike since the Porkchop CX (9/23) cuz I was feeling pretty run down.....go figure......after Sunday's B race, looks like it'll be another week off the bike....this time for being literally run down. My body hurts, vertebrae don't move back into place as easily as brake levers, 'nuff said. I might be movin' slow, but I'm still beamin' about my riding this weekend! 40 races, whoohoo!!

Thanks to all the 612'ers cheering me on at the corner, my bro for givin' me props mid-race, and especially to the one and only Jay, without who's coaching I'd never be where I am today. Thanks babe, for all the tips, handups, and hugs - I couldn't do it without you. I love you!

I may be limpin', but I'm still CX'in,
Kristy Kreme


StevenCX said...

That was your little brother? I was wondering who it was that did the C race and then turned right around and did the B race too - awesome. Glad to hear you're (relatively) okay. Crashes suck, and believe me, I tried to avoid it. Like H-Wood said, though, I should have checked better if you were okay.

Jay Henderson said...

Thanks Steve, Jay

christopher said...

The family that races together kicks ass together. damn, I wish I could've stuck around. trust I will be there for P-Horn for the full pull. It was great meeting the 'lil bro.

Kristy Kreme said...

StevenCX - yeah, that was my bro! He's gonna go far if he keeps it up - he's got great drive and ambition. Any no worries at all - it sucks that it turned into such drama - you'd think it happened at the track or something! [wink, wink]. Rest up those legs & good luck this weekend!

Peter said...

great job racing this year. the number of races youve done is unreal. I have been checking mcf and skinny ski religiously and it looks like all you hwood riders are doing great. Ill be back from boulder in time for state cross so Ill see you there. Throw me an email if any of you guys head my way for the boulder cup cx.