Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Speaking of Rocktober

After all the requests (Crossmax), I've finally added Mudhead to my collection of vids.

This is the Supersuckers playing Mudhead at their New Year's show in Park City, Utah this past year. We didn't have audio on the camera, so we synced up one of our cd's with the video and it turned out pretty freakin' amazing! Pay close attention to the guitar solo!!! Even the last couple slams on the cymbles match up pretty wicked.



devin said...

You guys are the rockstars.. Wish I could have been at the MNSS race..sounds like fun rode with Kavah over the weekend and he said it was a blast... Go fast and rock out..

christopher said...

I just had to leave another comment, because I can't stop watching that shit!
"I got mud, In my head. I may be drunk, but I ain't Dead."