Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Duluth Classic Stage Race, Stage 1 - Wrenshall TT

As you can tell, I'm writing up my summary retrospectively. What can I say? Without a laptop, I have to keep to the archaic method of waiting until I get home. So, to make it easier for the handful of readers, I wrote it so Day One is at the top, and you can just work your way down. Again, its all a jumble of memories at this point, so it'll be a brief summary of the weekend. Stop me sometime and ask...I know there's a lot I'll leave out. :O)

Stage One was a 16 mile TT in Wrenshall, MN. Still early in my experience with El Gato, I was so excited to get 'em back out there for another ride. The rollers were of little worry for me, as we cruised over them gently. I couldn't believe the speed I could keep up and feel my heart so under control. For the first time, I was so comfortable and in control that I didn't even look at my mileage until I'd already gone 10 miles. Knowing I only had 6 miles to go, I dug as deep as I could and dropped it into a harder gear.

I was so cross-eyed that I didn't even see the officials as I blew by them. Two miles later with no cyclists or officials in sight, my eyes welled up with moisture and my breath disappeared. In a panic, I turned around and sprinted back to miles in some attempt to make sure I hadn't missed a turn. Luckily, I found the finish line conveniently located in my original path, and they giggled at me when I asked if I finished. Talk about being deep inside the hurt locker....I didn't even know I was done. To my surprise, I finished in 5th place in a time of 45:10, with an average speed of 21.5. Sure I would have loved to come up with some wicked fast time, blowing the field away but, hey! I'm just not there....yet.

Zach did fabulously, riding his tail off on his stock Fara, finishing 16th in 48:45. Jay rode great, too, only 2 minutes down from the winner in his field. Nice work, guys! You two never cease to amaze me!

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