Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yep, it's that time of year, when races are a plenty and time is unheard of. After the fur-fight at the Dog, I was amped to take on the next TT challenge - the Bike Club TT Challenge in Withrow, MN. Somehow, Mother Nature decided to lay off on us after Ken Woods and Durand by gracing our presence with much milder winds and some temps in the upper 50's.

Having made buds with the beastly feline at Black Dog earlier in the week, my anxiety was decreased as I got El Gato ready for the race. With the only goal for my race being to beat my time from last year, I was calm as I joked with the ladies in line at the start.

I melted into my aero bars as I began the course, and focused on all the advice I'd ever been given. Focusing on the sound of my breath, I felt calm once again as I pushed myself to new standards I'd never known. I raced my heart out and was so excited to see Jacki and Adelle cheering just before the finish. I dropped her down a couple gears and blew through the finish at 29.6 mph! Holy frijole, I was cookin'!

When the results were posted, I was still shocked to see that I got yet another PR, finishing 2:43 faster than my time last year with 38:43!!! I took 4th place in the Women's 4's group! Jacki was just seconds ahead of me in 3rd, and Amy finished strong for her first showing in 11th. Afterwards, I was quick to replenish with a tasty barley soda and some fun times with friends.
TT Maniac,
Kristy Kreme

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