Monday, May 5, 2008

Rockin' and Ridin' as usual

Saturday was the Marty Road Race in Marty, MN. Sure, the calendar said May, but the March temps still lingered and the wind-chill kept the temps below 30 for the morning. The best part, though, was that it was the first race out with a 3-gal team in the field. Jacki, Amy, and I kitted up to Bleed Silver in the 20+ mph winds for 36 miles.

With strong cross winds bearing down on us from the get-go, a few minor attacks began on the opening stretch. Making sure I stayed on, cold legs and all, I threw myself after them each time. When my teammate Jacki was the one attacking, I instinctively sat up, watching her roll away with 4 gals giving chase. Before long, Amy and I formed a chase group with 4 other gals, but did little to try and chase them down. But, then again, I don't know if any of us were trying to chase down the leaders.... more like stay away from the riders we dropped.

I had a blast as we fought hard in the wind, but laughed and joked when climbing and riding out the tailwind. But I kept outta my own head and had fun. By the end of the race, we found out that the OC (Jacki) Bled Silver big time, taking home the Gold! Nice work, chica! I finished a satisfied 8th, with Amy close behind in 12th.
In the Men's field, Chad and Madness took 2nd & 3rd, with Jay in 7th in the 35+. In the 50+, Mark and the double Daves swept the entire field! My kid bro, unfortunately, had a major muscle let down and was unable to finish his first race. Hang in there kid, it gets better. Nice work, though, Silver! Keep it up.

After some major cat-nappin' that afternoon, we headed out late to catch Useless playing new-Cougar Noy's 40th birthday bash north of the loop. Groggy and noodle-legged, we didn't get there until almost 11:00, just in time to catch Randy tuning his guitar. Within no time, the show stepped aside for some Motley-Tuesday style fun.... entertaining us with Hollywood and Crossmax on the vocals, Wheels on the bass, and Randy leading the show of all shows. Hollywood even got to fulfill a childhood dream as he played KISS's 'God of Thunder' on the bass, and Stibbs didn't even have to come to the rescue! It was a great time, and the whole gang was there....Terri, Leslie, Jet Boy, Al, Stibbs, Wheels, and Crossmax.... I'm pretty sure I caught a glimps of my wedding reception that night.... I wonder if my parents really know what they're getting themselves into....??????

Sunday was a fabulous day of sleeping in, since we all know those days are sadly numbered. By noon, though, we were on the TT bikes, prepping for the week's events. The Jordan Slayer, sadly, has found a new home....but it pales in comparison to my new all-black beauty (pics and vids to come....they're currently housed at Hollywood Cycles).

That's right - Black Dog is just 2 days away kids! Make sure to get yerselves down there for some sweet TT'in, chillin' and pizza in the parking lot!

Kristy Kreme

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