Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stage 2 - South Range Road Race

Saturday was exciting, as we woke early for the drive to South Range, WI. This was to be my bro's first big road race, and I couldn't have been more amped for him.

Jay followed behind my field in Tone's support truck for the duration of our race. This was the first time Amy, Jacki and I got to ride as a team together - what a joy. The pack held tight through the first lap, not shelling any riders until we neared the 2nd. The pace was awesome! We got into some sections when we'd just FLY!

Yep, Dad, that's us cruising at 33mph. :O)

Jacki is by far our strongest rider, so I pulled her up to the front and tried to split the field when a gal went off the front. I got her up there, adn we continued to work hard until the finish. Coming up the finishing hill with less than 500m to go, I was sitting around 9th in our 10+ pack. As the riders started to attack, I frogger'd my way out of my cage and unleashed my best sprint ever...taking 4th in the sprint, and 3rd in my Category!! Yowza, that was bad a$$! Jacki rocked out a sweet 1st place finish, throwing her hands high in the air. Amy came in right with the pack too, having kept a great pace all day.

After us, the boys went. The 35+ Open Men's field was off the chain - making up over 5 minutes on the 1/2's to finish the 17 mile loop before them on t he first lap! Unfortunately, that whipped Jay off the back early, but he kept 'er steady to finish off the stage and compete again the next day.

Zach had a pretty rough time, having missed a turn on his second lap due to an out of control car.... I guess someone snapped a tie-rod and careened through the turn, into a ditch, and the corner marshall left his post to help out. Luckily, someone caught up with him and the rider at his side and got them to turn around. Weary, road worn, and red faced, Zach finished out his first road race! I'm so proud!!! Nice work, kid!
Afterwards, what else would we do than grab some burgers and beers at a local hangout? We headed into Superior on our way back to the hotel and filled up at the Anchor Bar. And what do we see when we arrive? A Hollywood Cycles sticker under the address! And we didn't even put it there - it's been there for years. Yep, its true, he gets around.
Full, tired, and satisfied, we retreated to the hotel for some rest. We laid low all evening, grabbing some time in the hot tub, and a late dinner with friends. Before midnight, we were fast asleep.

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