Monday, March 5, 2007

Let it snow!

What do real Minnesotans do when it dumps foot after foot of soft white flakes within mere days, sometimes even hours?

Play outside!

Think of all the time people spent dreaming of a powdery ground cover, just weeks before the holidays, itching for that Christmas feeling. Then, with the "impending" snow of late last week, people seemed fearful, shocked, and lethargic. Has everyone forgotten what state we live in?
So think back to Thursday morning....the snow started to fall, the news reports began to pour in, and yet people somehow thought it was acceptable to call in late or "sick" to work as if it wasn't a if the largest MN snow storm since 1991 wasn't on every tongue and billboard from Fargo to Rhinelander, on down to Iowa City. It's really not that hard to figure out: Plan ahead, leave early, drive slow.

Me, I planned ahead, left an hour early, got to work well before I had to, left on time, got everywhere safely....then had fun!

The drive to the CP is a pain in the ass on a normal day, so I opted to stay with Jay instead. While the rest of the town was stocking up on chili-fixin's and cheap beer to hibernate for the weekend, Jay and I were out for fun. The snow was so beautiful!

The white out conditions made driving slow, but it was stunning. There was a silence to the vacant streets that made it so inviting. Safe in the confines of the Trooper we drove around the lakes.......The wind was kicking up drifts and the snow was coming down so hard that even Lake Harriet disappeared.....

Jay was again the greatest boyfriend on the PLANET.....Friday morning he got up and dug out my car while I got ready for work. He truly is the most caring man! I don't know how I ever deserved such a wonderful person.

On Saturday, we made sure to take advantage of the freshly fallen snow and met up with Timmer at Theodore Wirth for some skate skiing. I'm still so much slower than the guys, but I'm learning. I glided along the trails, tackled hills, and felt the wind breeze past my cheeks briskly on the downhills. It was such a wonderful day for skiing! The trees were amazing, bowing under the weight of the new snow. A couple turns were painfully windy, but the sun shone brightly and Jay was by my side the entire time.....what more could a girl ask for.


After the work out, we hit Mayslacks for some unbeatable meat. Lunch was great, but the nap after was perfect! We did our bit of MN hibernating....movies, homemade dinner, and falling asleep before midnight on the couch....but we made up for it on Sunday - breakin out the towny bikes to ride to the bike expo.

I always love the random places I get to hang out with friends. What else to bring a bunch of us together than truck loads of bikes, BMX stunts, and schwag. Sure, I was the first one in who-knows-how-long to crash on the test riding course, but it was worth a great laugh - tipping over the solid black Yeti with the Shimano Rapid Fire - Thanks, Rick, for letting me get Cooties all over your bike! I got to stomp around solo for a while, checking out the bikes, pushing the product, shakin hands, and heckling the riders. Hey, I gotta practice for the season, right?
Needless to say it was another great weekend with my favorite man. Thanks babe! XOXO

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D-Train & Booms said...

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