Monday, March 26, 2007


This weekend went by so fast, I forgot to take pictures! But it was fun, none the less.

Friday started off right, taking out Lucky for a great commute to work at 5:00 am! Jay rode me into work to make sure I didn't get lost during my first commuter ride. All day I was flyin' high off the great ride, only to reverse it home. I made it all the way back solo, only peaking at my map once to hit the right twists and turns all the way back to the Greenway. With legs warmed, I made a pit stop for a change of clothes and hopped back on the bike for a slick ride down to the shop for another team that went until the wee hours of the morning, but for all the wrong reasons......Jay's keys went missing, and we searched desparately to find a way to just close up the shop and get home. KK came to the rescue big time with the spare key and a ride home. KK, you're the best!

We licked our wounds and fell asleep, prepping for the 60-sumpthin' temps on Saturday and a great ride ahead. Jay, the Chucker, and I waited for the fog to burn off before we hit the roads, west-bound for Lake Minnetonka. Over rolling hills, through the enchanted forrest, and into quaint little Excelsior, Chucker set a fast pace. Unfortunately, the cupboard fell off the wall at home (LITERALLY!) and Chucker had to bail. Jay and I kept pedaling, out around Lake Minnetonka, stopping for a treat & coffee in DT 'Tonka, and then returned to our route.

Soon after leaving the coffee shop, the sky began to warn us with a light sprinkle. We kicked it into the highest gear we could and focused on home. By the time we hit the Greenway, the rain was coming down. Luckily, the air was warmed and we had on an extra layer. With the end in sight, my engine reved and my reserves kicked in, driving sweet Casper in for take-out, and home in no time.

I annihalated my dinner, and lazily readied myself for one of Steph's infamous Bday parties. This year was a "Fav TV Character" theme...Jay and I went as Hogan's Heroes extras. : ) We closed out Saturday night hangin' with Downtown Julie Brown, Buffy, Jane Jetson, June & Ward, and so many more. Even Red Green took some time to teach us a couple phrases in German. Steph, it was a great party! Happy Birthday!

Sunday we got out for a lazy ride, since my legs didn't want to move from bed...I actually slept in until noon! I felt like a kid again. We rode out to Bloomington very moderately, and it was just the thing I needed. Casper deciding to tell us she needed a tune up, but she stuck it out to finish strong. After some home made vittles and some great Italian racing, we laid low and said goodbye to the weekend.

Now, we wait impatiently for Belgium to get even closer! Tick tock tick tock. I can't wait to be in Europe : )

In love with riding, and riding in love,

Kristy Kreme

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