Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rocking Hard, Riding Far, and Falling Further

Here's the recap on another fun weekend in LaLa Land!

Friday night started off right with me and Jay meeting up with Crossmax on the Greenway on our way to Rock n Roll. The temps dangled right around freezing as we rode our fender bikes through the puddles that cleverly hid patches of black ice. The ride was pretty easy going out to the Triple Rock - On the docket was Artimus Pyledriver, Valiant Thorr, and Fu Manchu. Jay & I traded in seeing Artimus for some social time with KK and JodyK. When Crossmax and crew hunted us down to tell us what we missed, we B-lined it to the front in time for Valiant Thorr.

The greatest thing about rock shows is watching a band that's having fun....it'll beat an over-produced cd any day. Thorr was ON. Their front man was great - long hair, shirtless, 20-30 lb. hanging over his rock n roll belt, and a belly-long, red beard all came together to draw you in to his excitement and enjoyment of the entire set. They were workin hard to put on a good show for us, and they did it well. Party On! This is one band I could definitely see again.

Fu Manchu came on in good form, not to disappoint after the teaser I had been given - they came on with the rad surfer look that I had heard about. The guitars were cranked all the way up, allowing your ear drums to rattle with every chord. Unfortunately, it drowned out the vocals big time, melting songs into each other after a while. Rock concerts wouldn't be nearly as fun without Jay, though, holding back the mosh pit mob. This time, however, was much more subdued, with a decent 30-something pit that wasn't as in to causing damage. After the show, Jay, Cross, and I mounted up and rode off. This time the Greenway was super slick - Crossmax gave me and unforgettble demonstration of gravity! After we parted Cross, Jay and I turned over to the salted city streets - they were empty and easy - we made it home fast, safe, and were asleep in no time!

Saturday was gorgeous, so there was no saying "No" to riding out to Hopkins with G-Reg. It was still a little wet, but the upper 40's temps were too good to pass up. Everyone was out! The Greenway was much safer in daylight, and it was smooth riding the whole way. G-Reg had to dip just before DT Hopkins, but Jay n I kept riding into Minnetonka. How nice is it to take a girl to her work on a Saturday afternoon? It was fabulous - riding out to the towers made it much more believable that I could commute to work.

Anyways, what could be better than doing something you love with someone you love? Each ride is amazing with Jay and he always has fun things to see and do along the way! I don't know what could make this heart happier....each day with Jay allows me to fall gingerly, willingly, and even deeper in love. I couldn't ask for more.

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