Monday, February 26, 2007

Mood Swings and Cycling in Snow

After some R&R following the Snowball's Chance in Hell on Saturday, Hollywood and I geared up the mountain bikes for a late night gig by the Mood Swings at the Uptown Bar.

6 inches into the snow storm, Jay and I ventured out for a slippery ride through uptown. There's nothing like being on 2 wheels, rear tire attempting to pass up the front, snow filling squinted eyes, and laughter filling the night air. Feeling like VIP's, Jay and I strolled in as they checked our names off the list. Ashley and Sallie rocked the house! It took the bassist a couple of songs n sips before he woke up, but it was just in time for some of Sallie's hard YEAH's. I've gotten to see them twice, now, and I've never been dissappointed. These gals rock, and they'll leave you wantin' more!

After they finished, we headed out to find out bikes buried under a couple inches of snow....we decided to hit the Independent for some great people watching and cocktails. There's nothing like sittin back, enjoying the Bar-covery Channel mating rituals, Animal House antics, and inferior IQ's. ; ) With warm whiskey belly's, we grabbed some groceries and headed back to brush off our chilled bikes. The timing was perfect.....we got back to the bikes just as a plow headed down Hennepin. We jumped on his tail and followed him to our turn - we were passing CARS! The side streets were a little sillier - sliding this way n that. All was good until we hit the 6 inches of unplowed snow on Jay's block....we actually had to dismount and walk the bikes in on the home stretch.
The entire night was amazing!

We followed it up on Sunday, enjoying the fresh snow at Cleary Lake. Jay's teaching me how to Skate Ski - very patiently I must add! We did the first lap together, reviewing and fine tuning my lessons from last week. I know Jay can move much faster than I can, so I encouraged him to tackle the long loop as I moved slowly along. I told him to catch me on the second lap, as I worked on rhythm and enjoyed the soft, powdery snow that decorated the woods. It was so peaceful - I didnt' see another person for the ENTIRE second lap, and all I could hear was the gentle sounds of my breath and poles in harmony with my skiis.

Jay actually didn't catch me. (the long lap was longer than either of us estimated) I was so wonderful, though, to get out again on my new skiis (Thanks again, sweetheart!). We retired to the palace for some home cooked food and fabulous Nutella Ravioli! (Yowza, you've got to try 'em).

I am one lucky gal to have found someone so diverse, energetic, alive, and caring. Thanks for another unbelievable handful of experiences, babe! Love n Kisses!


mavrick said...

Wow just reading that makes me want to get up and do something! i like your pics he got a good eye. its so nice to see you so full of life and happy. keep on Pedaling.

christopher said...

You two are animals!

CB said...

You try'd a recipe from my blog! Wow...
I love yours, I am sending it to Steve also. By the way still crazy for cycling in snow. But you always were crazy. Miss ya