Monday, April 5, 2010

Smokey thinks he's a big dog

Jay and I spent a week out in Iowa just a couple of weeks ago, visiting his parents, bro and our fave Iowan friends. Though the wind was a min. of 20mph each day, we made sure to treat our bikes to some spring lovin' outside.

One of the best parts was being hosted by Ken and Lou! They set us up in their spare bedroom for the week, so we had all the comforts of home. To top it off, they had 3 huge dogs for Smokey to play with! Did he really know he was 115 pounds smaller than them? Nah! But didn't matter... he had a blast. Ridley loved playing with Smokey so much, we had to give Smokey a bath each night just to wash off the slobber before he crawled into bed each night.

On the 2nd night we were down, Ken & Lou hosted their Chili Cook-off, and we had the awesome fortune to attend. The best was the 'dog-fight' in the garage! [NO - I don't condone dog fighting - as you'll see, they're having fun]. Though a number of people worried about the size difference, Smokey was having a ball. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a big dog too!

And what better way to come up with dozens of "Weiner" t-shirt ideas than by mixing adults with home-brew and chili?! Some of my faves (which you should be able to hear on the vid..)
"See my weiner? It gets bigger"
"Want to touch my weiner?"
"The ladies love my weiner"
"I've got a 6 lb. weiner"
yeah, it was a good time. Abby, you missed John's awesome Weiner monologue!

Thanks Ken, Lou, and the rest of Iowa for such a damn good time!

Party on, can't wait to you make it to our house!
Kristy Kreme, Smokey & Hwood

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