Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventures of S-WooD: the Gentle Dogs

As we have for years, Hwood and I ventured to our Greg & Jodi's for some riding, dining, laughing and hanging over Easter weekend. Lucky for us, their super dog lovers, so Smokey got to participate in all the fun.

Greg & Jodi raise Bluetick coonhounds, so the dogs were all instant friends - the only difference was the length of their legs. Add that to a great, spacious yard and wonderful spring weather, and we had a ton of fun entertainment to relax to as the sun neared the horizon.

Smokey, the ever sweet baby, was happy to submit to the three larger hounds - Sailor being the closest in age at 10 mo. old. Sailor, just a large puppy, loved to run from Smokey to keep the fun going.

Then, once the ladies joined in the afternoon fun, all four dogs romped in the yard as we bathed in the sun.

After we tucked the dogs in for dinner, we enjoyed a great meal at Meister's on the lake. We returned to G&J's for some dessert and bevies after dinner, and snuggled up with the puppies until bedtime.

Once dawn broke, Greg, Jay and I were on our bikes headed for Jodi's mom's house for Easter lunch, 40 miles away. The boys rode me into the ground, but I got my coming-out-of-hibernation drafting as if your life depended on it crash course on. There was a couple times the glue started to melt, but we made it there in less than 2 hours with 10-20 mph head/cross winds.

Jodi, Smokey, the rest of the fam & tables of food awaited our arrival and kept the beautiful day going at full speed. It was awesome! Can't wait til the next slumber party!

After lunch, we skipped town and headed to my dad's house to help write thank you cards to all those who came to show their sympathies for my grandmother. Though a somber whisper hovered around the room, it was wonderful to see everyone and to be their to support my family. I love you!

Thanks for another great Easter Greg & Jodi!

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