Monday, April 12, 2010

I love spring!

This weekend, Spring treated us like kings and queens with tons of bright sunshine and unbelievably warm temps.

We kicked it off right with time out in the backyard, building a shed while Smokey played with the neighbor pooch, Bailey for 4 hours. (no, the shed wouldn't have taken that long to build if Home Depot had given us all the parts to begin with)

After the sunburn started to set it, we grabbed Wheels and Chucker and headed out to Salem Hills for some quality time in the dirt. The boys led it out and pushed me to the limits from the beginning. With mountain biking on the brain for the last couple months, I was ready! I felt awesome out there and would have just kept going if time, commitments, and physical limitations didn't pull rank and the afternoon slipped away.

It was awesome!

Come Sunday, we got out the road bikes and met up with the Hellians for some quality road riding out near Diamond Bluff, WI. The sun was high, wind mild, and the ride was great. Sure, any sort of climb hurts at this time of year, but we were having too much fun riding together again to worry to much about it. Thanks, chicas!!!

Getting ready to get ridin,
Kristy Kreme

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