Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring is here, sleeping in has gone away....

There is no doubt anymore that spring is here. Aside from the beautiful sunsets and fresh green grass, the new season has become very apparent in my lack of time in a day... and the absence of sleeping in has taken over my weekends.

Seven races into the season and no end in site has given me a crash course in fitness and brought back all the energy that took a nice ole snooze during the winter months. Now, every day is filled to the brim with bikes, the puppy, and all the fun goings-on that you neglect in the winter like bonfires, outdoor happy hours, walking the dog... throw in work, laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping, and there's no time left for sleeping.

Oh well.

The latest Kristy Kreme Adventures have centered a lot around the wonder pup, Smokey, and there's no denying how freaking cute he is! Can you imagine how hard it is to tear yourself away from him to get things done? Sheesh! He's such a good dog - what a score. The best part is, he's ready to party and always willing to go along for the ride! We've redone the rear of our Cruck just to suit the little monster as we hit the road each weekend for races.
Other than that, spent an afternoon last week w/ 30 of my co-workers volunteering at the Emergency Foodshelf Network boxing meals to be sent to local foodshelves. In 3 hours, we boxed enough food to feed 1800+ people! It was so much fun - if you've never done it, I would totally recommend it. But plan it out early - they're booked out 3 months ahead!!! What a wonderful sign of people really giving back even when times are tough.

I've also signed on to do my best to help promo Surly Jones to the world! Watch out for my crazy tanlines in retro short-shorts rolling down the sidewalk in these badboys, promo'ing an upcoming show......shoot the duck, B1tches!
And to add to the fun, I'm hoping some hand-made earrings, Surly-style, might find a home on the merch table after the show.
Now I just have to find some time to finish the last bits of last August's living room and bathroom remodel before we have friends in from Iowa in mid-May. Yep, a couple last minute items that never got completed - but hey, when you're racing April - December, there's little time (or energy) for ripping out entry way carpet and laying tile. What was I doing in January to prevent me from doing it then? Sleeping, duh!

Blah blah blah... anyways, there's lots of races, rock shows, and mini-wiener adventures to come this year... now I just have to get better at writing about them. It's just so hard.... I have to live vicariously to have something to write about, yet I have to get away from the computer to live vicariously.....

Lovin' the eccentricities of life,

Kristy Kreme

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