Monday, March 29, 2010

Peep toast

Yesterday morning, my grandma Yang Yang passed away sooner than we ever imagined. She was 93 and firey, a strong matriarch in our family. She will be missed more than I can imagine.

I feel as though it's up to my Dad and I to be strong right now as my step-mom & sis mourn in a helpless, shattered way. Lucky for me, when we're apart, Jay is always there to hold me and let me be weak. Last night we gathered for dinner and remembrance. We looked at almost a century's worth of wonderful photos and feasted on memories of her.

We knew she would be there to watch over us as we did our best to hold one another. I know she didn't want to go, but it's nice to have such a strong angel to look out for us. So what better way to toast a very special person, than with Peeps, her favorite treat... though I hadn't eaten them for decades, I joined my family in grabbing one last yellow bunny in memory of our Yang Yang.

To Yang Yang - beautiful, strong, passionate, and always fashionable.... to someone who loved me and made me feel special from the day we met... to a woman who loved her family with abandon... here's to you. May heaven hold a place for you.

Love you always,
your Kristy


hwood said...

yer one amazing wife, I love you with all my heart

devin said...

Sorry for your loss, may peace find all of you.